Ten Pure Remedies


In 1920 the e book “Searchlights on Well being, The Science of Eugenics: A Information to Purity and Bodily Manhood” was revealed.

It offered over a million copies.

The e book, by B.G. Jeffries and J.L. Nichols supplied recommendation, of a moralistic and medical nature, to each women and men, younger and outdated, on correct conduct and social conduct between the sexes.

The following article comprises ten chosen items of recommendation from the e-book (barely edited for the sake of readability), that provide protected, pure treatments for impotence.

Ten Pure Cures For Impotence

1. First construct up the physique by taking some good stimulating tonics. The overall well being is essentially the most important function to be thought of, in an effort to safe restoration of the sexual powers. Constipation have to be rigorously averted.

2. If the kidneys don’t work in good order, some treatment for his or her restoration have to be taken. Take loads of out-door train, keep away from horseback riding or heavy exhaustive work.

3. Impotence from psychological and ethical causes typically takes place. Individuals of extremely nervous group might endure incapacity of their sexual organs. The treatment for these difficulties is relaxation and alter of occupation.


4. All sorts of meals which trigger dyspepsia or carry on constipation, diarrhea, or irritate the bowels, alcoholic drinks, or any indigestible compound, has the tendency to weaken the sexual energy. Drunkards and tipplers undergo early lack of vitality. Beer drinking has a tendency to irritate the stomach and to that extent impacts the personal organs.

5. Espresso drank excessively causes a debilitating impact upon the sexual organs. The average use of espresso will be beneficial, but an extreme behavior of drinking very sturdy espresso will typically wholly destroy vitality.

6. It’s a hygienic and physiological indisputable fact that tobacco produces sexual debility and those that endure any weakness on that supply ought to fastidiously keep away from the weed in all its varieties.


7. There are specific medicines which act regionally on the membranes and organs of the male, and the papers are stuffed with ads of “Misplaced Manhood Restored”, and so on., however in each case they’re nugatory or harmful medicine and sure to result in some painful malady or dying.

All these patent medicines must be rigorously prevented. People who find themselves troubled with any of those ailments mustn’t try to physician themselves by taking medication, however a reliable physician ought to be consulted.

8. Consuming rye, corn, or graham bread, oatmeal, cracked wheat, loads of fruit, and so forth. is a splendid medication and should assist as pure cures for impotence. If that’s not ample, then a physician needs to be consulted.


9. The well being of the generative features relies upon upon train, simply the identical as another important organ.

1Zero. Intercourse must be completely prevented simply earlier than or after meals, or simply after psychological pleasure or bodily train. No spouse ought to indulge her husband when he’s below the affect of alcoholic stimulants, for idiocy and different critical maladies are liable to be visited upon the offspring.


Intercourse promotes all of the features of the physique and thoughts, however rampant simply and sexual abuses quickly destroy the pure pleasures of intercourse, and unhappiness would be the consequence.

Remember that intercourse shouldn’t turn into the polluted function of marriage.

To make certain, rational enjoyment advantages and stimulates love, however the pleasure of one another’s society (firm), standing collectively on all questions of mutual profit, working hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder within the battle of life, elevating a household of lovely youngsters, sharing one another’s joys and sorrows, are the issues that carry to each couple the perfect, purest, and noblest enjoyment that God has bestowed upon man.

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