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We do not sell colloidal silver, nor do we make any money from referring persons to other folks for colloidal silver. This page is for informational purposes only, not intending to diagnose or treat any illness nor make any claims of treating illness. We want you to have the most correct & unbiased information doable. This page on colloidal silver is supplied with the aim to stem the flow of misleading nonsense which is plastered all about the internet by folks with superior intentions but poor analysis expertise. What is Colloidal Silver? Can the Zapper make Colloidal Silver? Does Colloidal Silver result in Argyria? Initially of all, Colloidal Silver, Ionic Silver and Colloidal Silver Protein are various products.

Lots of folks have been led to believe that ionic silver is the same as colloidal, and in reality almost all items labelled as “colloidal silver” merchandise are not colloidal at all – they are ionic solutions. Ionic silver becomes inert silver chloride (silver salt) in your stomach when taken internally, and potentially causes argyria. The solution which has been proven to result in argyria in its most significant kind is Colloidal Silver Protein, or CSP. Massive particles of silver are embedded in gelatin to type a protein colloid which can simply deposit silver into human tissues. Actual colloidal silver is composed of microscopic clusters of silver atoms in suspension in water and has in no way been shown to lead to argyria.

The particles are uncharged, they do not react with stomach acid to kind insoluble silver chloride salt which can be deposited in your tissues. We do not sell colloidal silver or machines to produce it your self. Sadly, neither do most “Colloidal silver generator” makers. The well-liked “Colloidal” Silver Generator machines produce ionic silver by electrolysis. Only a tiny percentage of colloidal silver is present in the output of these merchandise. If you want genuine colloidal silver pay a visit to this website. Read about the differences between colloidal and ionic silver at PurestColloids. No Hulda Clark zapper (which includes our own) can be made use of to manufacture genuine colloidal silver in any meaningful quantity. The popular Bob Beck “Colloidal Silver” machines generate 90-95% ionic silver options. Don’t be fooled by all-in-one particular zapper/colloidal silver maker/Rife machines, they do not perform as promised and are frequently contradictory in the claims presented by their makers: a Rife machine has absolutely nothing in common with a Dr. Clark Zapper.

The Bob Beck Protocol is a 4-part program that is developed to maximize your immune program and health. Each and every of the four parts can be employed individually to good benefit, and the 4 together have tremendous potential for your body. Dr Bob Beck (1925-2002) was an American physicist. He did a substantial quantity of work with electronics – inventing, tinkering, modifying and improving. A single of his greatest known inventions is the low voltage camera flash that makes use of a xenon gas tube. Just after additional investigation, Beck developed his personal theories and procedures of harnessing electrical energy for far better wellness. Beck is credited as getting the very first particular person to figure out how to use 9-volt batteries to build a colloidal silver generator. Electrical energy has been proven to have quite a few pros and cons when it comes to overall health.

Differences in current, exposure, and application all have wildly diverse results on your physique. It has, even so, been shown that mild electrification actually neutralizes bacteria, and quite a few other germs, viruses, and parasites. Blood electrification is accomplished basically with out ever breaking the skin. If you have two electrodes attached to a single wrist, a modest present of 100 microamperes is basically introduced into your blood stream. All you need to have to do is hold the apparatus attached to your physique for a couple of hours to reap its rewards and reward you with better overall health. The magnetic pulsar performs along related lines as the blood electrifier. Instead of sending an electrical present via your blood stream, nevertheless, the magnetic pulsar generates currents in the lymph nodes and tissues.

The microcurrents made by the magnetic pulsar work the very same way that micro electrical currents perform: to neutralize bacteria, viruses, germs, pathogens, and a entire smorgasbord of ills. It could be very effortless to go off onto a whole other webpage about the rewards of ozonation, but we’ll attempt to stick to how ozone functions inside the Beck Protocol. Ozone, 03, has been show to have fantastic positive aspects for wellness. Ozone is an superb (albeit controversial) way to cure numerous problems each internally and externally. Not many pathogens, or bacteria, or viruses can survive in an atmosphere saturated with ozone and consequently die off. The most critical factor, even though, is how ozone increases the die-off of toxins in your physique, keeping the bad stuff out, and the excellent stuff in.

By drinking ozonated water, you’re efficiently killing 2 birds with one stone: decreasing the quantity of toxins in your physique, and flushing them out of your method faster. Bob Beck was tuned into colloidal silver since he knew that silver was applied just before the rise of antibiotics for its effectiveness against bacteria. He also knew that positively charged silver ions have been remarkably successful in killing bacteria. He saw it as a organic complement to the other three parts of his protocol simply because of its antibacterial properties and possible for wide spread application. As you know, Beck is credited for inventing the very first battery powered colloidal silver generator. Several of the persons who speak about applying Beck Protocol also mention that they will use colloidal silver independently of the other 3 elements and nevertheless feel noticeably healthier as a result.

Blood electrification, magnetic pulsing, ozone, and colloidal silver comprise the 4 parts of the Bob Beck protocol. They can be utilized independently or together to boost your immunity and boost your well being. This details has not been evaluated by any official agency. The content of this web site is intended for info only and is not intended to be utilised as health-related assistance. For medical suggestions, please consult a health-related specialist. We are not doctors and are not prescribing colloidal silver to you for any use. Please seek advice from a health-related specialist just before consuming colloidal silver, or to uncover out what dose or ppm answer is ideal for you. The author and publisher of this information disclaims responsibility or liability for any hardship or loss that could be incurred as a result of the use or application of this facts. Data that is referenced is believed to be from dependable sources, but no assure can be produced regarding the accuracy of sources. Beck, Bob. The Initially Help Kit of the Future: The Bob Beck Protocol.

The use of silver in the battle against pathogenic bacteria goes way back into antiquity. Hippocrates was 1 of the initially to describe its antimicrobial properties in 400 B.C. Over the past couple of years, quite a few studies have demonstrated the fact that silver is certainly one of the most helpful agents in the battle against antibiotic-resistant super pathogens. Yet standard medicine has largely dismissed such claims, relegating colloidal silver to the “woo-woo” section of health-related myth. For instance, by adding a compact quantity of silver to the antibiotic, a potent synergism occurred, and a urinary tract infection brought on by tetracycline-resistant E. coli was effectively eradicated. Silver also helped save the lives of 90 percent of mice suffering with a life-threatening abdominal inflammation by adding it to the antibiotic vanomycin. In the group receiving vanomycin only, a mere ten % survived. Silver interferes with the bacteria’s metabolism, escalating production of reactive oxygen species14 (ROS) solutions of standard oxygen consuming metabolic processes in your body that, in excess, can harm cell membranes and DNA. Silver makes the bacteria’s cell membrane extra permeable.

Note: we have had a lot of consumers who have gone through their antibiotics, and other medicines to be rid themselves of some viral or bacterial ill, to no avail – this item was a single of the things that ultimately helped! Colloidal silver has been utilized as a highly effective, natural antibiotic and preventative against infections for over 100 years. As a catalyst, colloidal silver reportedly disables the enzyme that a single-celled bacteria, viruses and fungi require for their oxygen metabolism. Basically, they suffocate, devoid of corresponding harm occurring to human enzymes or components of the human physique chemistry. The outcome is the destruction of illness-causing organisms in the physique and in the meals. Smallest average particle size ever seen – .eight nm (nanometers) / .0008 microns / 8 Angstroms. Secure low concentration of ten ppm (components-per-million). Created from 99.99% pure silver. Created with ultra-pure, medical-grade water (the only other ingredient). Crystal clear and virtually tasteless. There is literally tons on analysis on the effectiveness of colloidal silver. But, in order for it to be effective it has to get into the physique. We advise that this solution be taken in mixture with our one hundred% pure organic oregano oil. Non GMO and includes no yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, soy, sugars, starch, wheat, colorings or dyes. Recommended Use: 1 tsp every day – under tongue for 30 seconds then swallow. Immune Assistance: 3 times day-to-day. Active Help: five to 7 instances every day.

In this eye-opening study, silver is emerging as a wonder of modern day medicine… probably, it soon will be recognized as: OUR MIGHTIEST GERM FIGHTER. For example, even the most powerful pharmaceutical antibiotics are successful against only a smaller number of microorganisms, and then only until drug-resistant strains develop. Silver is one of the most universal antibiotic substances. When administered in the colloidal type, it is for all practical purposes non-toxic. Silver has been established to be effective against hundreds of infectious circumstances. To primitive life forms…silver is as toxic as the most potent chemical disinfectants and this, coupled with its relative harmlessness to animate life (i.e.

  • Ultrafine silver wire (.999)
  • Silver rods that are suspended in a jar exactly where the distilled water is placed
  • The output voltage is a nominal 31 Volts
  • Additional insulated wire and alligator clips for hooking up solar cells/panel
  • Excellent Colloidal Silver Won’t Turn You Blue

Silver is emerging as a wonder of modern day medicine. An antibiotic kills possibly a half-dozen diverse disease organisms, but silver kills some 650! Resistant strains fail to create. Silver Colloids tremendously assist in eliminating all recognized pathogens and guard against opportunistic infections. This ‘second immune system’ is synergistic…” Dr. Robert C. Beck, DSc., wrote in “Explore! Colloidal silver is really efficient in treating periodontal disease (gum disease). My sufferers get pleasure from the clean fresh breath as colloidal silver right away cleanses the mouth and destroys odor-causing bacteria. The germicidal action of specific metals in the colloidal state getting been demonstrated, it only remained to apply them to the human topic, and this has been done in a substantial number of cases with astonishingly thriving results. For internal administration, either orally or hypodermically, they have the advantage of being quickly fatal to the parasites both bacterial and otherwise without the need of any toxic action on the host. Colloidal silver answer is pretty steady even in the presence of salts and the normal constituents of the blood.

Welcome to All-natural Immunogenics! We are passionate about manufacturing the purest and safest items ever observed in the history of colloidal technologies. Our Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol represents the most considerable breakthrough in colloidal technology in the last 120 years. Now we are taking our information and experience with silver and creating close to-best copper and gold colloids. The content material on this web page is intended to assistance you make informed choices and possibilities. Because educating the public is so important, we made our web page to supply many “levels” to assist you delve into the vast globe of silver. You can study about Silver 101 – how silver has been made use of in history the benefits of silver and its a lot of applications myths about silver safety and toxicity and so a great deal extra. If you desire further understanding of the complicated planet of colloidal silver, we encourage you to explore our Know-how Library. There you will uncover documented data and research – like hundreds of papers and citations from quite a few industry sources – that with each other form a body of function that indisputably showcases the prospective for silver in the matter of human wellness. Our quest for perfection and understanding of colloidal science is a never-ending method involving ongoing analysis and improvement. We strongly encourage you to discover the library from time to time to study the latest information and research.

Hello, my name is Manuel Xanthakis and I live in Argentina. My household and myself have been making colloidal silver for three years now. Initial I will give the data of the high quality of Ionic/Colloidal quality we use and then examples of productive treatment options which other buddies and ourselves achieved applying this. This formula will give you the Parts Per Million extracted from the electrode for the provided period of time. Milli Ampere Average occasions 67 getting the continual instances 15 minutes divided by 500 cc distilled water will give an extraction of 1.27 PPM for that provided period. You add sequentially the result in PPM for each and every period till you reach a total of 8 to 12 PPM.

As successive periods go by the Milli Ampere readings will improve as the water becomes additional conductive due to the silver particles. We use fantastic excellent distilled water, bubble constantly, The process takes as lengthy as required based on many variables, like volume of water, temperature, electrode surface, electrode separation. We do not speed it up estimating that the particles will be smaller. We get a clear liquid with no visible sediment or floating particles (not yellow since this color indicates larger particles). Sota delivers a generator that limits the amperage to 1 Milli Ampere, becoming slower, but permitting a small particle continuous erosion of the electrode. Upon measuring the Ionic content we get that these batches give about a 70% Ionic and a 30% Colloid mix.

Continuing the process to up to 20 PPM yields a 50/50 mix. We use the 10 PPM concentration. WE DO NOT SPEED THE Approach UP BY ADDING Something, NOT EVEN CS OR HEATING THE WATER, AS WE Think Big PARTICLES OR COLORING OF THE Solution ALSO INDICATING Bigger PARTICLES.WILL Outcome. WE Believe THAT Working with Larger QUANTITIES OF THE 10 PPM CS WILL BE Superior THAN Smaller QUANTITIES OF A CONCENTRATED Item WITH POTENTIALLY Larger PARTICLES, AS LAB TESTS SHOW THAT CS IS Successful FROM 2 TO UP TO ten PPM. Mixture of ten% DMSO (Dimethilsulfoxide) applied with a smaller 1 oz bubble enema two occasions just after every single bowel movement.

In one particular month the bleeding disappeared and has stopped for a year now. At times, not typically, there is some bleeding but goes away spontaneously in at most 2 days. Skin peeling in the hands as soon as a year which lasted four months and left spontaneously just after lots of rubbing with pumice stone. Applied 50% DMSO and 50% CS and it disappears in a week. Fungus among toes in feet. 4 or five applications and it disappears, If just after months it comes back do once again. Colds and sore throat: Gargle with CS 3 times a day and it will go away. If congestion symptoms I use an Electronic Nebulizer so the CS may well attack what ever microorganism has infected your lungs.

Drink eight oz per day if it persists only. Drops in the nose. All as developments might warrant. Indigestion, diarrhea I will drink 500 cc spread in 3 ingestions per day and it is over in a single or two days at most. Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis use as drops in the eyes. Utilizing small swimming goggles, inundate 1 eye at a time for as long as comfortable for a 24 hr comprehensive relief or possibly a bit a lot more. Bleeding of gums, swishing a gulp in the mouth for 5 or 6 minutes each morning will get rid of the condition, plus remove undesirable breath. Severe eye infection exactly where the individual could not study with either eye, serious discomfort to the point of not becoming capable to sleep. The person was treated at a extremely reputable eye clinic to no avail.

Soon after a month changed to an additional clinic, the finest reputed in Argentina, and French drugs have been imported. All to no avail and worsening circumstances. Upon self application of CS at 10PPM with eye inundation and keeping moist with cotton whilst lying down the infection started to subside inside 48 hours, with continual improvement in vision and decreasing discomfort. In 30 days the eyes had been normal once more. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor (engineer with practical experience in research), I do not participate in the sale of CS nor advise in any aspect anyone selling CS. The information and facts offered is for the use and experimentation of these persons willing to do so.

Colloidal silver is normally marketed with a assortment of unproven health claims, which includes possible advantages in treating hepatitis C. Nevertheless, researchers studying hepatitis C and colloidal silver have not discovered the solution to be a safe or productive treatment. What is more, it can bring about critical side effects, so if you are thinking of utilizing this as portion of your remedy program, talk to your healthcare provider initial. Colloidal silver is normally marketed with a range of unproven well being claims, which includes possible advantages in treating hepatitis C. On the other hand, researchers studying hepatitis C and colloidal silver have not discovered the solution to be a secure or powerful therapy. What is extra, it can lead to really serious side effects, so if you are considering utilizing this as aspect of your treatment strategy, talk to your healthcare provider initially.

Solution – Colloidal Silver by Organic Path Silver Wings – 4 fl. Solution TitleColloidal Silver by Natural Path Silver Wings – four fl. Product – Colloidal Silver by All-natural Path Silver Wings – 8 fl. Solution TitleColloidal Silver by Organic Path Silver Wings – 8 fl. Solution – Liquid Colloidal Silver 250 ppm – 2 fl. Product TitleLiquid Colloidal Silver 250 ppm – 2 fl. Solution – HERITAGE – Colloidal Silver 20 – 3 fl. Solution TitleHERITAGE – Colloidal Silver 20 – 3 fl. We’ve made returning items as easy as attainable. Order as usually as you like all year extended. The much more you use it, the extra you save.

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