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Note: Elixa has sold various CS generators since the 1990s, so some of these testimonials refer to earlier versions just before the advent of the Silvonic Pro, the most advanced automatic CS generator however. For many years my dear wife has suffered almost regularly from vaginal candida, such that just about every month our GP felt obliged to prescribe antibiotics, she was also apprehensive but eventually felt she was left with no alternative. We had been conscious of the truth that 1 should avoid antibiotics except in the most intense situations. In my wife’s case the effect was such that her quality of life had become practically intolerable and so she was obliged to stick to the GPs guidelines and take a single course right after another.

The relief was only ever of a temporary nature, just a few days of relief and then the irritation, burning and incontinence would return. Lastly, following my profound investigation and against my greater judgment, I bought a colloidal silver generator from Elixa. Initially, my wife refused to apply the CS topically and we merely drank one particular ounce each morning and evening. Following a couple of weeks, for the duration of which absolutely nothing had happened, I referred our encounter back to the supplier and was pleased to have precise instructions on how to use the solution. Following yet another two month period of antibiotics, my wife finally and reluctantly agreed to undertake a trial in accordance with the guidelines we had received.

We obtained a pocket atomizer sprayer and I filled it with CS that I had created working with ‘Acqua purificata’, which has a reading of ppm. The generator took about 4 hours to create a half litre of 14 ppm CS which I felt for the initial period must be increased to at least 30 ppm for topical application. Just a few hours extra and it was prepared for the trial. It was only a matter of days prior to we started to really feel that there was a definite improvement in my wife’s condition. Now, six months later, I can unequivocally state that my wife has been entirely absolutely free of candida for the whole period.

The coincidence is also strong to even take into account that there may be an option cause for her remarkable scenario. Thank you Aristotle and all those over the centuries who have experimented and succeeded as we have. Thank you also to Phil Safier of Elixa Ltd, USA for providing the critical confirmation on how to correctly employ CS in our case and for making what is a nicely created and constructed generator. Thank you so a great deal for the great service. For me, the Silvonic is a have to-have, and I have at least 3 other good friends that have purchased due to my referral, and extra that are nonetheless taking about purchasing.

It is trustworthy service such as you have offered for me these days that will maintain me referring others for years to come. I recently had some difficulties using the Silvonic Pro which I’ve had for a number of months. I wrote to Elixa for comments or ideas and quickly received an answer providing me useful ideas as a rapid test to do. They also gave me the choice to return my Silvonic if it nonetheless had issues. I did the test and it went properly. It now operates appropriately. I want to say that I definitely appreciate getting a swift answer in this matter. I’m glad to see how serious you are about just after the sale help. I have the CS-300 colloidal silver maker and maintain colloidal silver on hand and use it fairly frequently.

My son had to get in touch with in sick to work 1 evening, (he stocks shelves at Walmart). Just before he had gone to work that night, he had stopped at a neighborhood quickly food restaurant, and within a couple hours, became violently ill with food poisoning. I gave him 1/2 cup of colloidal silver and 1 tsp. Oreganol, waited one half hour, and repeated the method. Within an hour and a half, he felt nicely once again, named his supervisor at Walmart and asked him if he could come to function because he was superior. I have a pal whose little girl got the chicken pox. She had the bumps allover her body and face, but they had not opened however into open sores, except for a single inside her mouth which had opened up and was very painful.

My buddy called me on the telephone, with her 6 year old daughter screaming and crying—(which I could hear in the background) even though we have been on the telephone. I drove more than to her place with the colloidal silver and told the little girl to swish the colloidal silver in her mouth. She did, and I timed it for 6 minutes, and then had her spit the colloidal silver out. She looked at her mom, smiled, and said, “Mom, it does not hurt anymore”. So my friend and I took cotton balls, and dipped them in the colloidal silver, and applied the colloidal silver topically more than her complete body on all the raised bumps. As a outcome, the chicken pox bumps had been all gone by the next morning, and they in no way did get a chance to turn out to be open sores as ordinarily happens in chicken pox.

Colloidal silver is antiviral and antibacterial, and it performs. I use colloidal silver, about 1 tablespoon in every pound of hamburger to kill doable e-coli, and also use the very same amount in just about every marinade for meat, chicken or fish. Hi, I’ve ordered so several ointment kits from you and you have been so wonderful wanted to share this with you…. When I took the battery out of my unit, the optimistic battery connector broke. I emailed Elixa with my trouble, two days later, I received a brand new unit in the mail (ahead of I even shipped the other 1 back) Wow! I also want to share w/you that I had been producing colloidal silver ointment for our boys in Iraq. They have written me telling me how significantly they appreciated it. Believed I would share this with you as properly.

  • Total kit, just add distilled water & jar
  • – 70 pounds: six drops at each feeding
  • One pair electrode connection wires
  • Run for about five hours
  • Tropical Fruit For Natural Yeast Infection Therapy

I have been applying your QuikSilver 47 Colloidal Silver generator for a couple of years now, and I couldn’t be additional pleased. We use colloidal silver for almost everything from cat scratches to additional critical ailments, and we have had wonderful benefits. When I began giving it to my husband’s employees, absenteeism due to illness dropped considerably. You are performing a good and optimistic service for mankind. My query: Do you offer distributorships? I reside in Sedona, AZ, and there are a lot of colloidal silver believers right here. There is no place locally exactly where a single can obtain a colloidal silver generator, and I can not enable but assume that there’s a seriously untapped industry here.

I have offered colloidal silver no cost to my friends, relatives, and staff, who might not otherwise be capable to keep enough amounts on hand due to the higher expense of acquiring a tiny quantity at retail stores. I know that a lot of of these persons, and other folks, would be interested in owning their personal colloidal silver generators. We have a large elderly population, and quite a few don’t have on the internet access, but would possibly obtain a generator if they could receive it locally. Once again, thank you so extremely a great deal. Wonderful GENERATOR, I Think YOU SAVED MY LIFE! The testimonies retain pouring in….my sister had been plagued with gum infections….Colloidal silver created with your machines zapped those boils in 24 hours!

Colds & flu symptoms seem to disappear. Blepharitis….here’s a comparison….when I didn’t know about colloidal silver…. Dr. 1st rx given….caused severe headache…. Colloidal Silver cleared it up in 3 DAYS! That was four years ago…no extra incidents since then. Sinusitis…. just a couple snorts throughout the day…..symptom-absolutely free. Get that silver on it asap….and ‘fugeddaboudit! I’ll in no way cease singing the praises of colloidal silver…. I located out about your machines. I had what seemed to be an ear infection in the works I thought I had a brain tumor the discomfort was so undesirable ! Inside 6 hours, I started to notice an improvement. The subsequent day I was capable to go out of the house on company but still required aspirin and the colloidal silver drops. The following day it was absolutely gone ! It’s been AGES because I’ve ordered from you.

My small colloidal silver generator just keeps working, appropriate along. AGES ago I offered a testimonial for your web site – please know that I’m satisfied to give an update – if you or Phil would want it. Colloidal silver continues to be my miracle worker in my battle against autoimmune disease symptoms. The Behcet’s Disease I battled for so extended has stayed in remission as lengthy as I continue to sip colloidal silver 2 occasions a day. Each and every as soon as in awhile I am foolish and determine to test my immunity. If I quit taking colloidal silver just before lengthy, the mouth sores start out to ‘bloom’ down along my jawline (that is what I get in touch with it – I can really feel them forming). ANYWAY – it is time for me to order one more set or two of the electrodes and one far more kit to make the gel. Conne D. in Wichita.

Just wanted to pop a swift note to thank you for obtaining the CS Generator to me as properly as for in fact supplying such a fantastic product in the initially location. And I must say… I have not felt THIS Good in a very pretty extended time ! My energy level is amazing (felt as quickly as 4 hours immediately after the 1st dose), and my 24/7 365 days a year allergies are already drastically decreased. And regardless of whether one or the other has impacted a terrible bout of hemorrhoids/fissures that I’ve had ongoing for about eight months I do not genuinely care…….. I feel Wonderful ! Sure, I repeated Wonderful a lot more than when and I could possibly just maintain repeating it numerous a lot more, simply due to the fact I do not know how else to describe it.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me with this (right here it comes……) Fantastic opportunity at feeling so………… Good ! I want to THANK YOU SO Much for the most superb documentation with regards to the effectiveness, usage of and creating of colloidal silver I’VE EVER Seen. I am a nurse and began using it back in 1995 I’VE In no way Noticed Something Avoid ILLNESS/HEAL Health-related Issues like colloidal silver, specially when suspended with chelated minerals. I applied to obtain it by means of an Multilevel marketing (EOLA) which had pretty great solutions but crap for the ‘top dogs’ in term of managing the company’s assets. They went ‘belly-up’ and those of us whose lives had been changed significantly for the better suffered immensely.

But, I’d like to bring you to my circumstance currently: I’ve had debilitating “fibromyalgia” for a decade or extra now. I’ve lost my careers of nursing and teaching to it. Typical SALINE which I will Cease Employing Right away upon reading your study findings! Thanx!!!) is the “consistency” of what it wants to be. Thanks once more, SO Incredibly A great deal, for a very intelligent documentation of colloidal silver. I’m often ‘fighting’ with ignorant people who use “the blue guys” as PROOF that colloidal silver is bad… these arguments coming, of course, from persons who will eat pharmaceutical poisons with no pondering twice! My left thigh began to burn more than the course of about a week.

It became so bad that I had to put on quick pants due to the fact I could not stand obtaining fabric touch my skin! A sore with pustules appeared above my knee. Considering that this had all the signs of a herpes/shingles outbreak, I began to think about ways to treat it. I study a further report about applying Colloidal Silver exactly where the particular person took lots of colloidal silver and got rid of it. I quickly drank about four ounces and continued that for 3 days. By the third day, I noticed that my thigh no longer hurt. I also mixed Oregano Oil with DMSO and rubbed it on my spine from the tailbone up to the 12th rib. It seems that if the virus stays dormant there and activates with stress, finding the oil into that region must do away with the problem. The discomfort cleared up entirely in about 4 days.

The sores went away in about a week. I can recall when I initially study Colloidal Silver praises online the testimonials have been endless. My well being difficulties are generally autoimmune inflammatory-related concerns. Most drugs (both prescription and OTC) for inflammation carry many possibilities of damaging side-effects. Colloidal silver is a versatile product. I sip it for general inflammation handle, use it to rinse sinuses and drops for my eyes. It functions fantastic on any type of skin scratch, blotch or rash. I use it all the times on my cats and dogs to clean their eyes and ears. But the very best element about CS is Elixa’s owners, Phil and Arlene Safier.

They know their items. They are always accessible and respond to my questions promptly in terms that are clear and simple to fully grasp. It’s so reassuring to know I can rely on them to enable me locate what works ideal for me. I received a generator from you not also extended ago and began employing it overtime last week when I realized I had a case of shingles! They started clearing up so promptly when I began consuming 8 oz. of CS a day and placing CS ointment on them. I am so grateful that I had the gear to make it all! Colloidal Silver was a surprise to me. I got it for a chronic sinus situation and identified it did wonders for an inflammatory illness I’ve had for years.

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