Liverpool vs Chelsea Head to Head ~ 25/11/2017 – within Nigeria


Just after a dramatic loss to Sunderland last weekend, Chelsea will be heading to Anfield tonight to face the newly shaped Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool army. The last time these two sides met in the premier league this season, Liverpool got the improved of Chelsea at the Stamford Bridge by winning the fixture by three goals to 1. Looking at each the clubs’ current type, it is Liverpool who are the favourite side as they have won four of their final six games and have lost just after. In addition, Chelsea have won just two of their last 6 games and have lost thrice.

Liverpool have a lot to worry about as they will be missing Divock Origi, Jordan Henderson, Danny Ings, Joe Gomez, Jordan Rossiter and Danny Ward via injury. For the visitors, the side will be without having the suspended Terry though Pedro, Loic Remy and Kurt Zouma are sidelined with injury. Liverpool have failed to preserve a clean sheet in their final nine Premier League games against Chelsea and conceded two targets in each of the last 3 meetings at Anfield. Chelsea have kept just a single clean sheet in their last 11 Premier League games against Liverpool. The very first purpose of the game has been scored in the opening 10 minutes in 4 of the final 5 Premier League meetings in between Liverpool and Chelsea.

Diego Costa has been involved in 14 ambitions in his final 14 Premier League games for Chelsea (nine ambitions, 5 assists). Liverpool will surely be the confident side in the game and their key man Philippe Coutinho will look to exploit Chelsea’s fullbacks with his trickery and pace. With Baba beginning the game, Lallana will have an easier time and will surely appreciate his time to difficulty the center backs. Liverpool’s game is based on their tempo, and I’m quite positive that Chelsea’s defence will be unable to match the speed of their opponents. In addition, Chelsea’s game this season has been completely based on their counter attacks. Several objectives this season have come through the counter attacks and we saw the best instance of the same in their clash against Tottenham Hotspur. Both their wingers and Fabregas time their pass and run respectively, and result in some threat for the opposition. As I told earlier, the current final results and current form favours Liverpool, but we cannot simply ignore the former champions so effortlessly. This will be a hard war, but according to me, Liverpool will uncover a way to rob all three points from Chelsea.

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I believe it really is fair to say that the “Massive 6” have now broken away, and I supposed there is an argument to say that Liverpool are straggling behind in that group. The question will be, can Spurs & Arsenal keep up their superior kind, and can Man Utd & Chelsea boost to sustain pressure. I think I’ll quit whilst I am behind. Villain of the week: I am breaking my own rule here. Technically, none of us performed nicely adequate for there to be a villain, but the David Luiz incident was so spectacularly negative, and so game altering that I’m going to have to go with MIKE DEAN.

For the reason that the final results had been so tightly grouped, there wasn’t a great deal movement on the leaderboard. Lawro jumps up 2 places, but otherwise it really is as you had been. There are a couple of players who must join the leaderboard in the subsequent couple of weeks, and shake it up a small. Joel Salamon stays close sufficient to Joe Miller to keep him honest. I’m going away for 3 weeks tomorrow, and am not entirely confident what my world wide web access is going to be like. There will certainly nevertheless be posts though – so life will continue as normal for you all, while I won’t be hassling you! If for whatever cause, I can not get a bets post accomplished one week, please just stick the predos in the comments for the final week’s post and I’ll sort out all the results when I get back. Total nightmare – going on vacation over the xmas period.

I do not know how you guys feel, but for me, this season, nay, the final 12 months have totally flown by. I wrote this end of season blog worn out from the emotions of the final round of Premier League matches. The Olympics loomed big and a massive year for me (in a private capacity I do have a life away from the weblog) seemed to be approaching quickly. And however here I am again, with all that lay ahead now resolutely in the past. I feel a detachment from this football season that I have not felt because 2006/2007, when I final spent a considerable chunk of the season away from the UK.

Possibly that is why I do not feel this was a classic – a solid, functional Man Utd group set a pace that the brittle contenders could not stick to. That’s a reference, mainly, I really feel to psychological brittleness. Arsenal came out with the North London bragging rights (once more), and will be looking to spend their new commercial jackpot to exploit the managerial uncertainty at these above them. For Spurs, this summer’s most vital activity will be to keep a hold of their no.11, and only genuine match-winner. Mid-table has these who had a fantastic half-a-season then coasted a little, and those who it is become rather par for. The amazing bunching, as observed by Norwich’s 5 spot jump with a final day win shows that none of these teams can afford to stand still significantly less they be dragged down into the relegation mire.

I’d argue that was the true drama of this season – a month before the finish of the season 7 or 8 teams were theoretically still in danger. Amongst them have been the godawful QPR replete with ‘Arry’s excuses and a Reading team who were entertaining, and if in truth, a group I’m sorry to see go. Wigan’s bittersweet conclusion was, I think, the appropriate kind of bittersweet. As for us – effectively this season saw plenty of new faces, and some outstanding performances. I’m planning to write a weblog at some point about the year-on-year alterations, but as this is long enough, it’ll have to wait. The excitement, nonetheless, over who has added their name to the cherished Impossibilitee trophy is nearly more than.

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