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Buy matchday tickets to watch Chelsea v Liverpool in the Premier League. Chelsea vs Liverpool tickets have become one of the most well-known matches in recent seasons for Chelsea fans, as the two sides continue to add to their rivalry which has grown since the Roman Abramovich era. VIP tickets and hospitality tickets will sell out speedy but you can book your tickets by way of Football Ticket Pad – The UK’s major on line ticket platform. This will be a guaranteed sell out fixture so be quick to take benefit of some of our fantastic costs for some of the most in demand Premier League tickets on the market place. Chelsea vs Liverpool has observed some classic encounters in the Premier League and their rivalry has been fuelled with quite a few cup matches and Champions League encounters. Antonio Conte and Jurgen Klopp will each be desperate for the points as both Chelsea and Liverpool look to have much better seasons than their last.

Tottenham’s title hopes have been dealt a enormous blow in that 1- victory at West Ham last Friday. Manchester United lost two- at Arsenal, ending their 25-match unbeaten league run. Spurs were frustrated at West Ham, and discovered Adrian in the way when they did build a golden chance, Harry Kane the striker. Mauricio Pochettino’s men just could not break West Ham, and they produced a uncommon defensive error to permit Manuel Lanzini to snatch an unlikely victory for the Hammers. Jose Mourinho rotated his side against Arsenal, clearly indicating that his focus is on the Europa League rather than the Premier League.

He will nonetheless be disappointed to have lost to Arsene Wenger for the first time and also to have lost his unbeaten streak, but his spirits will have been lifted massively right after Thursday’s 1-1 draw with Celta Vigo. That was adequate to see them via to the Europa League final with a two-1 aggregate victory, and they will be looking forward to playing Ajax in Stockholm on 24th May possibly. Tottenham could have noticed Chelsea claim the title by the time this one kicks off, and that will place a actual dampener on the atmosphere at White Hart Lane. Manchester United played Europa League football in midweek, but I assume they’ll set up to frustrate Spurs here and earn a point. Chelsea play earlier in Gameweek 37, away to West Brom.

Watford also play earlier in the Gameweek, away to Everton. Based on my predictions, I fancy Chelsea to win once more. Arsenal play earlier in Gameweek 37, away to Stoke. Sunderland also play earlier in the Gameweek, at property to Swansea. Primarily based on my predictions, I am going for a comfy Arsenal win. Manchester City play earlier in Gameweek 37, at residence to Leicester. West Brom also play earlier in the Gameweek, at dwelling to Chelsea. Primarily based on my predictions, I have to go for the dwelling group. Southampton play earlier in Gameweek 37, away to Middlesbrough. Manchester United also play earlier in the Gameweek, away to Tottenham. Based on my predictions, I’m going for an additional draw for these two sides. Leicester play earlier in Gameweek 37, away to Manchester City. Tottenham also play earlier in the Gameweek, at house to Manchester United.

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We all know Oliver Holt. We’ve followed him on twitter, we’ve study his columns and we’ve all got his opinions on him. And so over in EFW headquarters we decided he’d be fantastic to face the European Football Weekends therapy. With a recent twitter spat with Rio Ferdinand (In which he published a Direct Message sent to him by Rio calling him ‘a fat prick’) creating waves in the twitterverse, the timing was best. And so, over an hour in a North-West London pub, this opus occurred. EFW: I guess the clear spot to kick off is the Rio incident.

What was your take on that, is there anything you’d do differently? I talked to a lot of persons about it afterwards and, confidentiality is a two-way street, if I send an abusive letter to you, have I got the suitable to anticipate you to keep that confidential? For a single factor, he didn’t ask me to preserve it confidential, but has he got that correct to expect him to maintain it confidential? If I’d done that I wouldn’t anticipate it to be kept private, apart from anything else, I just don’t see what confidence there was to break. There was just that piece of abuse, which didn’t seriously offend me. What annoyed me about his tweets and DMs was the accusation that I’d by no means fronted him up about the drugs challenge and that I’d had many possibilities to do it.

I assume where I do have some sympathy for him, is that the missed drugs test was some time ago, and he’s served his punishment, and that his name has been dragged back into this (more than the Kolo Toure) incident. How has twitter changed your relationships with players? I’m not certain if it’s changed them that considerably yet, possibly it will. I consider the alter twitter has brought so far, is that it is provided fans and media alike far better understandings of players. I feel someone like Wayne Rooney comes across extremely well on twitter. It feels like you’re seeing the real him, and he comes across as a definitely likeable and in fact quite a vibrant bloke.

I think he’s been 1 of the greatest beneficiaries of twitter, and OK, he got involved in a bit of scrap with somebody, but that’s a bit of an irrelevance to be truthful, as that Rio abuse was an irrelevance. I’m not confident no matter whether it is had any effect on the relationships with press and players, but going back to Rooney it permits players to bypass the media. If you assume about Rooney and the hair-transplant, it came out in The Sun, and then he talked about it on twitter, and it was him that posted the image of it. If he hadn’t done that there would have been an absolute feeding frenzy to get the very first image.

By carrying out that he just cut out that avenue. The papers the subsequent day printed the image he had posted up and suddenly there’s no scramble for the image any longer. You’re not going to get a predicament exactly where you see a player and it’s like ‘Hello mate we’ve been speaking on twitter’ I do not feel that is gonna take place. But from my own knowledge I delight in having conversations with players such as Michael Owen, whom I know, and like. It is nice to have some type of debate, very same with individuals that I know like Phil and Gary Neville, but I don’t consider it would open up relationships for men and women I didn’t know. Is a twitter ban for players inevitable?

Well I hope not. I assume it is been very good for all of us, players as well. You mention the rise of new media. Has twitter changed the way you do your job? I think, at a extremely basic level, it’s a news supply. I believe a lot of people are on twitter, you look at the amount of stories generated on twitter. It’s a primary source. I’m not talking me and Rio, or Rooney, but just what players say casually. I suppose it has changed the job a bit, it is a different form of interaction. I read blogs but I suppose I’m semi-standard in that I read a lot of established journalists blogs rather than fans blogs. I locate it challenging to distil what I should read and cut through the mass of what’s out there.

  • Adrian Mariappa is nonetheless a lengthy-term injury absentee
  • They have won four time, drawn 2 time and lost time in their general 6 property games played
  • 16:00West Bromwich Albion – Derby County1 : 2FA Cup
  • Bournemouth vs Southampton
  • (h) DONCASTER BELLES 1 – 1 friendly
  • Burnley vs Watford
  • Natasha Dowie v Sunderland Ladies, 3rd May

I know there’s a lot of superior stuff out there but I guess because I’m not specifically technically adept I don’t necessarily know exactly where to locate it. I mean appear, I love fanzines, stuff like ‘United We Stand’ and the stuff Andy Mitten does for instance, someone like him is a terrific journalist, and I’m naturally conscious of that kind of factor. I’ve got a good deal of respect for some of the persons on twitter, some of the fans who are prolific tweeters, on behalf efficiently of their respective clubs. And at the risk of sounding also pretentious, I come across that it’s for me anyway, it is educational and keeps you truthful in a way.

If you tweet some thing about a player, for instance, I stated a thing, when England had been playing Switzerland, about what a nightmare game Johan Djourou was obtaining, and how it highlighted the need to have for Arsenal to strengthen at the back. The line comes there I guess in between partisan club nature and actual insight? There’s so lots of voices, for instance the Villa/Martin O’Neill thing. I’d disagree with your view, but the fascinating thing is that anybody who’s not a villa fan would agree with a lot of your criticism of the club and help for O’Neill. I feel that is a great example. You’re appropriate, I’m a fan of O’Neill.

I like him personally and I’ve also been a fan of his professionally. As someone who divides opinion, do you thrive on it, and ever appear to do it on purpose of ‘heighten’ your opinions to get a reaction, on twitter for instance? Properly, the first portion, do I thrive on it? I suppose when you’re a columnist for a tabloid, you cannot be grey. Whatever your opinion is, it has to be robust and the entire point of a column is that is an opinion. So it’s type of apparent that some men and women will agree and some won’t, and it is part of that.

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