Happy New Year – Now Get to Work!


It is one other new 12 months and everybody who hopes to be anybody in the personal development world is writing about tips on how to make the most of your new year’s resolutions and goal setting in general. I suppose I’m no different, besides I really do want to share something that may make a real difference in your life. Too many of us, as discuss resolutions and objective setting, we snicker and joke about how we set objectives solely to have them damaged practically before they’re set. Others, those who “really have it collectively”, discuss how they make it a couple of month earlier than their resolutions and targets are a thing of the past.

I used to do the identical thing. I would snicker and joke about how I might set a aim or make a decision to stand up earlier, read and study more, write more, be more productive, lose more weight, eat less, train more, love more, etc., solely to have the decision fade into a hazy smoke in my memory. I might snicker it off, till sooner or later, somebody made me mad, really mad.

I used to be a salesman for a really large gross sales group and our division president was talking to us; trying to encourage us. And what he mentioned really made me mad. He told a big group of very young salesmen and saleswomen that if we wished to understand how each of our lives would turn out ultimately, to just take a look at the success of our personal sales performance proper then and there. I really looked up to this man; he was a leader I really respected, even beloved like my very own father. But I couldn’t have disagreed with him more at the time. Who was he to say that because my efficiency was less than stellar at the time and because my attitude was poor, I used to be going to have an analogous life? Was my life going to be some kind of cosmic payback because I used to be having a bad second then? I not solely disagreed, but I obtained mad at him.

What I did not understand then, however have discovered deeply within the 30 some years since, was just how right on he was. I have since reworded his ‘prophecy’ in a slightly different manner, nevertheless it conveys the reality just zahar02 as bluntly. Here it is: The way we do the little things in life is a mirrored image of how we do life in general. So if you want to see how your life is going to turn out, take a hard take a look at how you live within the smaller more invisible components of your life.

Let us take a look at it in one other way. Get a piece of paper and draw a picture of a square with four quadrants inside. That is like taking a look at a window with 4 square panes inside. Now write in the upper left quadrant with the next assertion, “Taking part in to Win” and write within the upper right quadrant “Enjoying NOT to Lose”. Then within the decrease left quadrant, write “Just Taking part in” and in the lower proper quadrant write “Not Playing at All”.

Now let’s describe what every of these squares or quadrants symbolize, and as you read, take an sincere, even fearless stock of your individual place among these quadrants. I am going to make use of the game of football as an allegory, however you should utilize any game or activity that you simply greatest relate to as we go over these categories.

Enjoying to Win – Image a football game the place one team is really taking part in to win. Odds are, their method to taking part in the game is reflected within the score. It’s one of those ‘odd’ games the place the score is lopsided and the points are high. You recognize what I mean, the score looks more like a basketball rating instead of a football score. As you watch the game, you discover that their key strategy is all about putting factors on the scoreboard and so their offensive game is very strong. They may pass the ball quite a bit and when they are playing a running game, their running backs are aggressively picking up lots of yardage on each play. Their uniforms are muddy and torn as a mirrored image of their hard work, dedication and grit, no matter the chances and difficulties they’re facing. They could appear to be they’ve been marching by a war zone. They are so battle torn, you may hardly see the numbers on their jerseys. The energy they bring onto the field is that it doesn’t matter what happens, they’re going to attain their goal.

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