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PANDEMIC Protection Colloidal Silver Maker And Bob Beck Pulser

PANDEMIC protection colloidal silver maker and Bob Beck Pulser

Colloidal Silver ENG

Colloidal Silver Generator

Colloidal silver generator

Colloidal Silver Nature’s Antibiotic

EurekaRecycler: I admire your ingenuity. Use solely the purest .999 silver electrodes. I consider you will have made a “Blood Electrifier” not a pulser. You’ll want to learn all of Dr. Beck’s data on the electrifier as a result of folks have died utilizing this the unsuitable method.

eclinik: If you need an entire data on easy methods to implement this, kindly go to eclinik(.)web and obtain the free book.

Max Carter: how do i get one colloidal silver maker???

Sha nur: I wish to make one Beck Electrifier myself. I obtained the schematics….Required Elements and the bread board. All I want is somebody to point out me how to place all of the parts collectively. Do you suppose a Television restore man can do that for me?

James D: With the power of organisms to alter or mutate or construct immunity in opposition to currant antibiotic’s. It is probably good to learn about issues like Coloidal silver, hydrogen peroxide thearapy, together with this electrical blood purifier which has been present to cure or heal HIV or AIDS. Ask your5self what did folks do earlier than the age of pennicillianand different anti-biotic’s? And I feel you’ll discover they used Coloidal silver and inside use of meals grade Hydrogen peroxide. Early 1900’s.

YeshuaReigns: Nice Video, stick with it guys! Bob beck protocol for the win!

guitarcountry1: For those who search the Web for a doc known as “Take Again Your Energy,” you’ll discover the schematic for the blood electrifier.

Scott Alexander: superb i loved the need thomas vids. yeh like everybody is aware of somebody hit by most cancers now and my view is that it’s primarily down to those telephones, micr radiation and many others..

Co-Crucified with Christ: the simpsons? what ever your smoking unwell take two.

Co-Crucified with Christ: however why although. i havent taken any and by no means will however is there a official menace that they are going to trigger hurt?

Co-Crucified with Christ: Don’t ADD Something TO THE DISTILED water when making colloidal silver. analysis has confirmed that when including any chemicals equivalent to sea salt, the silver would get caught with the salt and create massive particles which might clog in your system and moreover trigger blue pores and skin pigmentation.

john smith: ah?

RealMenofValor: There’s a PDF on-line known as “silver colloids, do they work ?” its from the College of Maryland, sure they do work however good luck getting the particles at the appropriate measurement and to the placement of the infection, its higher to make your personal than to purchase. I’ve been making it for three weeks and though its has proven promise the particle sizes are nonetheless too large, I feel the ten,000 volts that some use is the important thing to small particle measurement, additionally you might have to fret about flocking and contamination

Jeff Brailsford: Do not take any vaccines folks !

kylextown24: you might be ignorant and can die from taking the vaccine that they’ll come out with shortly

FridaySternShow: dude simply purchase a make.. this man knew what he was doing however simply purchase it from somebody that is aware of what they’re doing. I received mine from Canada. If you need the true stuff purchase the complete maker. and use distilled water as a result of it won’t work proper if you don’t use distilled. I’d say to bob beck to not use a silver coin however use what the professionals use a silver medical electrob

BatteryReviver: There’s e-book by Paul Brodeur, “Towers of Dying” that’s price studying.

BatteryReviver: Good luck in your self-assist experiments. Hope you may publish an book, in your success. Once i received the tick-borne illness, I could not add 6+three till the antibiotic killed it — however, some say, I nonetheless cannot add, lol. Construct the fundamental Hulda Clark Zapper 20 years in the past. Find out about Hulda Clark?

BatteryReviver: Sorry to listen to that. Essentially the most treasured factor we now have is life, but it has completely no commerce-in worth. If you happen to take a look at certainly one of my final movies, you will see us utilizing a meter to check for electric fields – there’s a guide by Paul Brodeur referred to as, “Towers Of Dying” about it. For those who want an answer for complications, the Vancouver Gadgeteers invented a Nanopulser, see my different movies. We’ll make you one, if you are involved. Telephone me for particulars. Rob 604-512-9567

keri schultz: I simply bought some ingits off Ebay. So I’ll hook these as much as a 9volt plug in. We tried the battery additionally, however it was not pure silver so it did not work. Are you aware a lot about energy traces, and the surges they provide off. I’m having points with complications and choosing up the noise????

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