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Very first of all, the man is seriously blue. I mean genuinely blue. When people today contract argyria (i.e., skin graying) from ingesting excessive amounts of colloidal silver more than long periods of time, they ordinarily turn grey, not blue. It is fairly attainable this man really has a heart illness resulting in cyanosis (skin bluing from oxygen deficiency in the blood). Nevertheless, he says his situation is the result of taking colloidal silver for the past 14 years, so we have to take his word for it. Also, the news story does not tell us how a lot colloidal silver this man was taking everyday. This is a common ploy of the corporate news media. They want you to think that any amount of colloidal silver is potentially hazardous, when that is in reality the farthest thing from the truth.

But to build the illusion, they don’t bother to inform you how considerably colloidal silver was taken each day for those 14 years, even even though that is the most vital factor in the story! As one knowledgeable colloidal silver user stated in a weblog with regards to this news video, “This idiot would had to have drank Colloidal Silver by the gallon to have that happen to him! When we disavow the name-calling, the point is effectively taken. You have to try genuine hard to discolor your skin by drinking colloidal silver. It is essentially a lot easier to turn your skin orange from drinking too much carrot juice than it is to turn your skin gray (or blue) from drinking colloidal silver.

  • Terrific for grocery buying, the beach or the gym
  • Cure a Sore Throat
  • Glass jar with plastic lid (cut holes for silver electrodes)
  • Parts Per Million (PPM) is Mildly Significant
  • Out of five stars 1,583
  • Oz. refill (Reg. $72.50) –>$50.00
  • Take ½ to 1 cup a day internally
  • Annette S., Punta Gorda, FL

We also noticed that in the original news video of this story from CNN, the man is shown using a standard colloidal silver generator distributed by a corporation in Canada. We are familiar with the enterprise that makes the precise generator displayed in the news video, and personally like the folks behind the firm. We have spoken with them several occasions in the previous, and they are clearly quite sincere about assisting, educating and empowering men and women to be responsible for their personal well being. But as we have warned you for numerous years now, most standard colloidal silver generators generate overly-higher levels of silver (i.e., ppm, or silver by weight) in just about every batch, and the particle size of the silver is also often overly-big. So you have to be incredibly cautious if you are employing a conventional colloidal silver generator.

This is precisely the cause why we chose to distribute the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator, which allows you to create silver particles so small it requires a Transmission Electron Microscope operating at a whopping 175,000x magnification to see them. In comparison, silver particles produced by conventional colloidal silver generators can frequently be noticed beneath a normal microscope operating at only 20,000x magnification. This suggests the silver particles made by the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator are an astonishing 875% smaller than those developed by conventional colloidal silver units. In other words, they are far smaller than any blood cell, blood vessel, virus, bacteria, or fungus. Lastly, this gentleman’s contention that his skin turned blue from rubbing colloidal silver on it, rather than from drinking it, is…well…rubbish.

If the colloidal silver in fact did cause his situation, then it was from drinking it in excessive quantities more than extended periods of time. If he rubbed anything on his skin and turned it blue, I can assure you it was not colloidal silver. This man is apparently blue nearly from head to toe. It is highly unlikely he was rubbing colloidal silver all over his physique. And even if he was, it would not have turned him into a Smurf. At any price, I nevertheless uncover it totally incredible that the news media will uncover two or 3 people who get this benign but unsightly skin condition out of the actually millions of normal colloidal silver customers in the U.S. Canada, and then broadcast it from the rooftops as if it have been the norm.

Let’s see now: two or three folks turning blue in 20 years from excessive colloidal silver usage, versus 100,000 folks a year becoming flat-out place into their graves by widespread drugs their physicians prescribed them. Which is a lot more newsworthy? I’ll leave that up to you to make a decision. This man’s case is obviously an really rare 1. Again, just as you can not take all of the vitamins you want every single day without the need of risk, so you can’t drink all of the colloidal silver you want each and every day with no threat. If you take excessive quantities of colloidal silver every day for long periods of time, you do indeed threat contracting argyria (i.e., skin graying). It is not a guarantee you will become argyric. But it is a pretty real risk. For these interested in studying far more about colloidal silver dosage, please take a look at our web web site and download our Absolutely free particular report titled “What’s the “Safest” Daily Dosage for Colloidal Silver? EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) personal figures to establish how a great deal colloidal silver is safe to take day-to-day. Just use the link in the situated in the upper left-hand corner of the residence web page. You might also want to scroll down the page and locate the hyperlink titled “Buyer Beware: Not All Colloidal Silver Generators Are the Same” and study that short article, which is posted suitable on the internet web site.

We discovered that a nasty sinus infection could be knocked out in a single afternoon, basically by sniffing some colloidal silver up the nose applying a little plastic nasal spray bottle. The bottom line was that typical illnesses afflicted us far significantly less regularly than ever before! And if we did get sick, the duration of the illnesses was a fraction of the time compared to past instances. All of this, thanks to the wonderful elixir referred to as colloidal silver! What was most fascinating to us was when family members would get sick. Generally, they would refuse to take any colloidal silver because they had been unfamiliar with it. But they slowly began to notice that Kathy and I seemed to be impervious to the usual bouts of cold and flu every person else have been being afflicted with.

Right after awhile, it became clear to everyone in our extended household that colloidal silver was truly exceptional. It was permitting us to stay fairly a great deal infection-no cost all year extended. Inside a year, most of our household members had been taking colloidal silver regularly, too. And now, some twelve years later, each and every a single of them nevertheless makes use of it! Even our tax advisor and his wife noticed how healthful Kathy and I seemed to be, and began applying colloidal silver and providing it to their school-age children. And when they began telling their mates and family members members about how their youngsters weren’t coming property sick from school any longer, even higher numbers of men and women in our community started employing it. Word began to spread quickly. Our chiropractor and his family members noticed our enhanced wellness, and quickly started producing their personal colloidal silver.

And inside a year, most of our close mates and associates were all working with colloidal silver, and telling their buddies about it too. And I quickly discovered that there have been some little but potentially really serious flaws with the small “Beck”-style battery-operated colloidal silver generators. Initially of all, they regularly ran on excessively high electrical currents. I learned that the greater the electrical existing – in certain, the greater the milliamps – the more rapidly the silver particles would be driven from the silver rods, and the larger the particles would be. By adjusting the voltage and amperage of the small colloidal silver units in my possession, I could demonstrate this phenomenon clearly for myself. The greater I raised the current, the more quickly colloidal silver particles had been created, and the larger they turned out to be.

But the decrease I dropped the present, the slower the colloidal silver particles had been produced, and the smaller they turned out to be. These are nasty tiny illness-causing pathogens that like to hide deep inside the cells, tissues and organs of the human physique where bigger particles of colloidal silver merely cannot be absorbed successfully or in sufficient enough quantities. But to get at these tiny disease-causing pathogens, you have to use colloidal silver of a far smaller sized particle size than what the small “Beck”-style units have been capable of producing. What is a lot more, I discovered that even many highly-priced shop-purchased brands of colloidal silver had this pretty identical difficulty.

Indeed, occasionally the silver particles in these store bought colloidal silver solutions have been so substantial the vast majority of them dropped out of answer over time, falling to the bottom of the bottle and leaving a fine grey coating there. The bottom line is that extremely couple of significant silver particles are ever absorbed into the cells, tissues and organs of the physique exactly where colonies of illness-causing pathogens so often kind. The physique simply rejects and expels the vast majority of these larger particles, much as it rejects and expels dirt when it is eaten by a young kid. In fact, as little as 10% of the silver particles produced by the tiny “Beck”-style colloidal silver generators ever gets absorbed.

Of course, when silver in any type is taken in such excessive quantities over long periods of time, it can progressively build up in tissues and organs of the human body. And just after many months or even years this excessive accumulation of silver particles gets pushed by the physique from the tissues and organs exactly where it is stored, out toward the skin. This is the body’s final ditch attempt to mitigate the excessive internal buildup. In other words, the body is guarding itself internally, by trying to get rid of the stored silver particles through the third important organ of elimination – the skin! The problem is that during the course of this protective procedure the skin of the colloidal silver user can really turn gray due to the accumulated silver particles.

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