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MesoSilver is zero.9999 pure silver in colloidal kind.

MesoSilver is an all pure mineral complement within the type of nanoparticle colloidal silver. It’s a real colloidal silver, which suggests nearly all of MesoSilver consists of silver particles, not silver ions. The truth is, it has the best nanoparticle focus: Eighty% particles (typical). Others are solely 10%.

It has the best bioavailability of any colloidal silver product attributable to sub-nanometer dimension particles, whose diameter sometimes measure zero.Sixty five nm or much less.

A strong Mixture of Properties!

MesoSilver combines small particle measurement and excessive particle focus, a robust mixture of properties, to provide a colloidal silver product that has the best particle floor space of any colloidal silver product ever examined. The Comparability Desk (see under) exhibits how the particle floor space of Mesosilver compares to different merchandise. One wants to grasp why the floor space of silver particles is the important thing to colloidal effectiveness learn Colloidal Silver Effectiveness.

Mesosilver is manufactured in an FDA registered facility, has no probably harmful protein additives (mild protein), and is non-toxic.

Security and Storage:

It doesn’t work together or interfere with any medications and is made utilizing the best purity, sterile reagent grade deionized water. Its focus is 20 ppm (minimal) whole silver.

Is not going to trigger argyria, a discoloration of the pores and skin brought on by some types of silver (protein merchandise).

No hostile unintended effects have ever been reported.

Accommodates solely pure water and pure silver.

Doesn’t require refrigeration after opening.

Infinite shelf life.

You shouldn’t Use This Product in case you are Allergic to Silver!

Allergic reactions to silver, whereas not unheard of, are unusual. Somebody having an allergic response to silver wouldn’t be capable of handle a metallic silver object similar to silver jewellery with out inflicting an allergic response. These who’re unsure if they’re allergic to silver ought to apply a number of drops to the again of the hand to see if an allergic response outcomes. If you don’t see a response inside half-hour you may be pretty sure that you’re not allergic to silver.

Scientific Development:

Mesosilver model colloidal silver is the results of 1000’s of hours of analysis and improvement carried out on the Colloidal Science Laboratory, Inc. (CSL) over a interval of a number of years. Purest Colloids, Inc. is the unique worldwide producer of MesoSilver. The ensuing product, with a particle floor space many occasions higher than different merchandise of this sort, gives extra usable silver to the physique.


The dosage for Mesosilver is usually between one teaspoon (5mL) and one tablespoon (15mL) day by day to assist maintain well being. One to 4 tablespoons taken four occasions per day could also be taken to assist fortify the immune system when wanted. Precise dosage will differ based mostly on particular person wants.

A 500 mL bottle will present a one month provide when used at a dosage of 1 tablespoon per day.

Feeling Worse Earlier than Feeling Higher?

Some customers expertise a Herxheimer response when utilizing colloidal silver. That is a short lived, and regular response to the healing course of.

Merely said, it’s a response that happens when the physique is detoxifying and the launched toxins which may produce complications, physique ache, joint ache, sweating, common malaise, sore throat, nausea and/or flu-like signs.


In contrast to most colloidal silver merchandise, MesoSilver is a transparent amber coloured liquid, trying like darkish iced tea. It’s the very excessive focus of Mesosilver particles, not dimension or contamination, that provides Mesosilver its distinctive coloration.

Beforehand, it was thought that such a darkish shade indicated the presence of massive silver particles, which is the case for colloidal silver produced by strategies aside from the mesoprocess. The small measurement of the silver particles is confirmed by way of a state-of-the-artwork scientific instrument designed particularly for measuring such small particles. Produced by Malvern Devices, Ltd. of the United Kingdom, the Excessive Efficiency Particle Sizer (HPPS) is able to measuring colloidal particles right down to zero.6 nm diameter. The particle dimension report from the Malvern HPPS signifies that the dimensions of the silver particles in Mesosilver is zero.Sixty five nm in diameter, or solely barely greater than two instances the diameter of a silver atom making these particles the smallest silver particles of any product in the marketplace.

As soon as the bottle is opened the shade of MesoSilver might change to grey relying on the atmospheric pollutants discovered within the air. This coloration change doesn’t point out an issue with the product and isn’t trigger for concern. The effectiveness is just not effected. The colour change to grey is often present in giant cities like Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, Denver, and in lots of cities in California.

When is Colloidal Silver Not a Colloid?

When it comprises largely ionic silver!

When discussing steel colloids, equivalent to colloidal silver, the time period colloid means particles in suspension, which for colloidal silver, means silver nanoparticles. Most merchandise marketed as “colloidal silver” comprise largely silver ions, not silver particles, so technically they’re silver options, not silver colloids. Laboratory measurements carried out on the Colloidal Science Laboratory of dozens of commercially obtainable merchandise have discovered that the overwhelming majority are sometimes ninety% ionic silver and solely 10% silver particles, with some samples being ninety five to ninety nine % ionic!

Produced by Electrolysis:

The merchandise which are produced by electrolysis of assorted descriptions which could be AC, DC, excessive voltage, low voltage or no matter, are literally ionic silver options, not colloids. Colloidal Silver Generators bought to residence hobbyists all function by electrolysis and subsequently produce ionic silver options. But, the producers with out exception have labeled the merchandise produced by electrolysis as Colloidal Silver. Clearly these product labels are misleading and deceptive as a result of it isn’t cheap to name such a product a “colloid” when the overwhelming majority of the silver content material is ionic and usually solely 1 to 10 % of the silver content material is definitely suspended particles (colloidal).

Not the true Factor:

That is like claiming a beverage is orange juice when it solely comprises 10% actual orange juice and ninety% one thing else. Within the case of orange juice, the USDA would put a right away cease to such a misleading follow in all probability with the urging of Orange Growers Affiliation who would take a dim view of such a blatantly misleading observe.

However within the case of colloidal silver producers, there isn’t any affiliation to urge compliance and to insure that merchandise labeled as Colloidal Silver are in actual fact colloids and never ionic options. As a result of there isn’t a entity that enforces fact in labeling of those merchandise, now we have dozens, if not a whole lot of ionic silver options masquerading as colloidal silver.

So as to find out what proportion of the full silver in a product is contained in ions vs. particles requires some refined laboratory tools which most corporations that produce colloidal silver merchandise do not need obtainable. In actual fact, it is never the case that the producers even know what their product consists of or in the event that they do, they don’t convey the knowledge on the product label.

Easy methods to Establish a Mislabeled Product:

Ionic silver options are straightforward to identify when you recognize what to search for. Even when the label says Colloidal Silver, a educated observer can study to separate reality from fiction. Listed here are some ideas that can assist you spot the masquerading merchandise.

Liquid is obvious and colorless similar to water – solely dissolved (ionic) silver seems like water. That is the only most distinguished seen indication that the contents are ionic.

Bottle is amber coloured or cobalt blue – usually signifies photosensitivity, a property of some ionic options. The coloured bottle is used to forestall seen gentle from inflicting deterioration of photosensitive ionic options.

Bottle have to be glass – many ionic options won’t survive in something however glass. If the producer warns that solely glass needs to be used to include their product you’ll be able to make sure it’s ionic.

What’s a real Silver Colloid?

We imagine that a real colloidal silver product should include a majority (greater than 50%) of the silver content material within the type of silver particles. A real silver colloid can also comprise some silver ions however nearly all of silver needs to be contained within the particles. Mesosilver is a real silver colloid with sometimes eighty% of it’s whole silver in particles.

Why is it Vital?

Ionic silver can not survive contained in the human physique, as a result of it instantly combines with chloride to kind silver chloride. Solely the silver particles survive to enter the blood stream.

What occurs to ionic silver when it’s ingested?

When an ionic silver resolution is ingested, it first enters the stomach the place it encounters hydrochloric acid (HCL) that aids in digesting meals. The hydrochloric acid supplies an enormous abundance of chloride ions which have an infinite attraction to the silver ions as a result of they’ve the alternative ionic cost. It’s just about inconceivable to forestall the chloride ions from combining with the silver ions to kind the compound silver chloride. If ionic silver had been capable of enter the bloodstream it might encounter a excessive chloride setting as a result of blood serum sometimes incorporates about 3500 elements per million of chloride because of the potassium and sodium chloride content material. The chloride within the bloodstream would mix with the silver ions to type silver chloride. Silver chloride is an insoluble salt that doesn’t dissolve contained in the physique as soon as it has formed. The silver chloride both formed within the bloodstream or absorbed into the bloodstream after forming within the stomach is eradicated by the kidneys and handed out with the urine.

What Occurs When Silver Particles are Ingested?

Silver particles usually are not affected by the hydrochloric acid within the stomach and shall be absorbed by means of the partitions of the small intestine and enter the bloodstream. As a result of solely the silver particles enter the bloodstream it is crucial that a lot of the silver be within the type of particles. Solely true silver colloids have a majority of their silver within the type of particles.

Ask the Producers of Ionic Silver Why They Mislabel their Merchandise:

Subsequent time you see an advert for “colloidal silver” that’s described as clear as water or can in any other case be decided to be an ionic answer, why not ship an e-mail to the producing firm and ask them why they’re clearly mislabeling their product and calling it “colloidal silver” when it is basically an ionic silver answer. Then watch them squirm as they struggle to supply a solution to that query.

Among the solutions are downright comical. Our favourite was this reply: “technically talking our product is ionic silver, however as a result of it has been known as “colloidal silver” for thus lengthy it’s now accepted as a legit description for such a product”. Sure, this actually was a solution offered by one producer who apparently believes the previous adage if a lie is repeated typically sufficient it turns into accepted as the reality.

Particle Floor Space Comparability Desk:

MesoSilver 20 ppm has the very best particle floor space of any product examined.

These statements haven’t been evaluated by the Meals and Drug Administration. This product just isn’t meant to diagnose, deal with, cure, or stop any illness.

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