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Important Bob Beck Protocol Article

Article #three: Colloidal Silver

Silver has been used for a lot of centuries as an anti-microbial substance. Colloidal silver is a wonderful product which might be taken internally to kill microbes within the physique. It’s a key a part of the 4 elements of the entire Bob Beck Protocol.

One of many considerations about taking colloidal silver is a pores and skin situation referred to as argyria. Argyria is a situation the place the pores and skin turns gray or blue-gray. It’s an actual situation and it’s troublesome to reverse, however it isn’t brought on by pure colloidal silver.

Allow us to outline “colloidal silver” as: an answer made with pure silver wires (e.g. at the least ninety nine.Ninety five % pure silver), blended with pure distilled water, and completely nothing is added to the water (i.e. no salt, no minerals, no nothing).

With this definition of colloidal silver, argyria is just not attainable. Argyria is prompted through the use of silver compounds (which means non-silver molecules are blended with the silver or one thing is blended with the water). Basically argyria is brought on by impurities within the mixture.

If a silver compound known as “colloidal silver,” the vendor does not know what they’re doing and doubtless does not care. The issue is with poor distributors, not with true and pure colloidal silver. That’s one main cause to make it your self.

It is important to make use of distilled water, distilled by water distillation, when making colloidal silver. Don’t add salt or minerals to the water or it could trigger the pores and skin discoloration. When the colloidal silver is made, if it’s not consumed instantly (as quickly because it cools down), it needs to be saved in a darkish coloured glass bottle and the glass bottle or jar should be saved in a darkish place (however don’t refrigerate it). Silver will chemically react to mild (technically it’s extra difficult than that).

By no means, By no means get your silver from a jeweler as a result of their sterling silver has nickel and copper added to it. Utilizing sterling silver may cause severe well being issues. Silver nitrate and silver chloride ought to clearly be averted since neither are pure silver.

Nevertheless, a excessive-high quality silver nitrate or silver chloride can be utilized for brief intervals of time for particular conditions. For longer intervals they can be utilized however solely at low doses (i.e. the vendor ought to know the protected most doses).

You may take the colloidal silver at any time of the day, besides throughout the occasions you take the 2 electromedicine remedies (i.e. the blood purifier and the magnetic pulser).

To be extra particular, you may take colloidal silver any time Besides the time interval of two hours Earlier than till quarter-hour AFTER the 2 electromedicine remedies.

In different phrases, don’t take colloidal silver inside two hours of beginning the electromedicine therapies, don’t take it through the electromedicine remedies and don’t take it for quarter-hour after the electromedicine remedies.

It isn’t harmful to take colloidal silver through the time excluded, however extra of the silver will probably be utilized the place it is required if you don’t take the colloidal silver throughout the electromedicine remedies.

Making colloidal silver at house

When you purchase the blood purifier, it typically comes with a colloidal silver maker in-built. Nevertheless, that is a really gradual method to make colloidal silver as a result of it solely makes use of one 9-volt battery.

Bob Beck describes a method that makes use of three 9-volt batteries in collection. Nonetheless, this too is a sluggish and cumbersome methodology.

In an article on this web site a way is described which makes 1 gallon of roughly 6 PPM to eight PPM colloidal silver in about an hour and a half.

The significance of this technique is highlighted by the size of time and power wanted to make use of the Blood Purifier and Magnetic Pulser. Contemplating the effort and time wanted day by day for these two gadgets, it is best to solely should make colloidal silver as soon as each few days.

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Tips on how to Make Colloidal Silver At Residence

Business manufacturers

There are a lot of manufacturers of colloidal silver. Three manufacturers, so far as I do know, are the perfect. First, is ASAP Plus, which is 22 ppm. Don’t be deceived by the low ppm of this product, it’s a excellent protocol.

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