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Join three battery clips in collection (optimistic to detrimental, connecting pink wires to black). On the 2 unconnected wire ends, attach alligator clips. Ideally, solder to carry properly, however electrical tape can be utilized after twisting wires collectively. A Hulda Clark zapper may also be used to provide colloidal silver, as can a single 9V battery, though it takes longer with 9V output as a substitute of the 27V output utilizing three batteries.

Use solely pure silver (ninety nine.9% or purer), not sterling. Ultrafine is outlined as ninety nine.Ninety nine% or higher pure. Pure silver wires are bought by some manufacturers mail order, and are simple to make use of and even cheaper. Sota Devices sells ninety nine.Ninety nine% pure silver wires hooked up to steer wires with plugs in them for $22. Your best option is to discover a jewellery finings provide. Most promote superb silver wire (ninety nine.9%) however strive to seek out ultrafine wire (ninety nine.Ninety nine%) if attainable. Get as excessive a gauge (thickest) as attainable. A foot or two are all that’s wanted. Silver ingots can be used, however should not as straightforward to work as silver wire, which may be bent over the aspect of a glass and simply put in an ultimate place. If they’re the one choice, some coin and high quality jewellery retailers promote them.

Put batteries on clips. Don’t contact clips as soon as the batteries are related or they’ll brief!

Wash jar or glass nicely. Rinse, then fill, with distilled water. Use solely distilled water. If bought in a plastic jug, use one with a freshness date. Carry to boil in microwave and take away. WARNING: When boiling water, particularly distilled water, in a microwave, the water can “explode” when it’s faraway from the microwave. To stop this, faucet the aspect of the jar with a utensil similar to a spoon a couple of instances then let it cool for a couple of minutes earlier than eradicating the jar. Run the wires parallel into the water, ideally about three/four” apart, and don’t allow them to contact one another at any time when the batteries are linked.

As soon as the wires are linked to energy, look ahead to a whitish cloud to start forming between them. First, bubbles will kind on ingots and 5-10 minutes later, particles might be seen emitting from one ingot. To hurry up the method a bit, can add an ounce of silver colloid from a earlier batch. It’s only essential to run for an extra 10 minutes previous this level to make it roughly 5ppm. To make it stronger, it could also be essential to disconnect energy and pull the wires out to scrub them each few minutes. Use a wet paper towel. As soon as they start getting lined as quickly as they’re put again and related to energy, it’s about as robust as it may be made with this methodology – 10ppm.

When finished, take away wires and clear with Scotch brite pad. Pour colloid by a number of unbleached paper espresso filters. Pour into amber or brown bottles which have been cleaned and rinsed with distilled water. Retailer away from mild and heat. Don’t refrigerate.

Working 10 minutes after the method initiates makes a metallic tasting however clear colloid. Letting the method run extra time will lead to some silver oxide forming and the liquid will start to show yellow. A gentle yellow shade is okay, however the deeper in shade it turns into, the extra oxide is within the colloid, and the much less efficient it turns into.

This DC course of colloidal silver has a brief shelf life. When it begins getting too darkish, throw it away and make a brand new batch.

————————– Colloidal Silver is HVAC (12,500v). Don’t try and make HVAC course of colloidal silver until properly versed in excessive voltage electrical work. This product is made in 2 gallon batches utilizing a four-5 foot lengthy piece of zero.9999 wonderful silver wire coiled in the underside of a lidded glass jar stuffed with distilled water with a brief piece or silver wire barely touching the water on high. It’s run for 3 hours, cooled for 3 hours, then run once more for 3 hours. Then it’s filtered and dispensed into eight oz glass bottles that are positioned on a steel grounding plate and uncovered to a session of a Rife-Naked plasma tube generator working basic antiseptic frequencies, therefore the time period “Electro-Energized!”

I discovered the silver wire at a jewellery finings provide home. The “extremely positive” zero.9999 is often the identical factor as zero.999, it’s simply assayed to the next diploma to make sure purity so it remains to be worthwhile to pay further. Six toes of 14 gauge (the thickest generally out there) was loads. The transformer I take advantage of is 12,500V at 60ma. I purchased it from a neon provide store.

The 2 gallon glass jar is a cookie jar from The Container Retailer and has a very large mouth which is essential to maintain the wires away from one another so they do not arc. Somewhat over four toes is coiled in the underside, reserving sufficient to come back up alongside the aspect and over the lip to kind a loop. The brief piece is hooked over the alternative edge with a loop on the surface and on the contained in the wire barely touching or nearly touching the distilled water. Leads from the transformer are linked to the loops. The lid is positioned again on. The lid is essential to maintain mud and different contaminants out in the course of the lengthy course of. The Container Retailer cookie jar lid is good for the aim because it has an inside lip which catches the water splashing from the brief electrode in addition to water which condenses from the heat and funnels it again into the jar.

Energy is utilized to the transformer. The water might be drawn as much as the brief electrode even when it’s not touching the water however is barely near it. Nonetheless, it’s best if the wire is touching the water so it won’t start arcing if an excessive amount of water is misplaced to evaporation. If there’s any arcing from the lid to the jar or an ozone-producing corona, energy is turned off and the lid and jar lip are dried and rearranged so it now not does.

After three hours the water will likely be scorching and so will the transformer. Flip off and wait till each cool (about three hours), then run for an extra three hours or till the transformer and water are highly regarded once more. Filter by way of espresso filters (though there is absolutely no particulate matter in AC course of not like in DC). Dispense in glass bottles and “electro-energize” if desired.


That is the FAQ for the Colloidal Silver listserver and was written by Mike Devour, the checklist proprietor.

>>>>>>>>start FAQ

Greetings and welcome to the silver-record. This FAQ offers you a short introduction to the world of Colloidal Silver and an summary by means of some first rate internet sites.


First, please perceive that a *lot* of what you will discover on-line about colloidal silver (CS) is imprecise, unscientific, and hype. There are nearly no managed research of any form. There’s valuable little goal knowledge to again up even probably the most basic claims.

Additionally, there’s a backlash towards colloidal silver from “debunkers” who will do the whole lot of their energy to scare you away by exaggeration and concern. They dismiss *all* favorable proof and leads to obvious overreaction to the plentiful CS hype. Their claims don’t hold up within the face of readily obtainable details.

Most of the data you obtain can be anecdotal testimony, to be taken on religion or frequent sense till you possibly can confirm it your self. And be forewarned, you may end up rubbing shoulders with advocates of each form of “complementary” drugs, from time honored to wildly speculative.

What persists, when all is alleged and finished, are the compelling accounts of individuals who’ve efficiently handled some very critical circumstances. They don’t seem to be making an attempt to promote you something, however solely need others to be helped as they’ve been. It’s these individuals which have made me need to find the reality about colloidal silver.

An internet OVERVIEW:

A great leaping off level is this text by Peter Lindemann which lays the groundwork and factors out a number of the mythology that confuses the problem:

Industrial CS Generators:

These websites are good sources of CS info and low voltage direct present CS generators:

Elixa, Sota Devices,

Quite a lot of extra subtle excessive-voltage AC and DC generators are supplied by:

CS Professional Methods,

Construct Your personal CS Generators:

It is easy and cheap to construct your personal CS generator. Plans and directions in addition to kits and pre-wired models may be discovered at these people’ internet sites:

Bruce Stenulson, http://www.stenulson.web/ Bruce is one among our common contributors and has distilled loads of what we now have realized on the listing.


If you browse these websites you’ll inevitably discover conflicting details about totally different merchandise or strategies. Particularly, many distributors will declare their merchandise are “distinctive” or “superior” or the “solely secure and efficient CS.” Take such claims with a grain of salt!

There are additionally many different websites and assets. Under no circumstances do I want to indicate by the inclusion or exclusion of any site that that is one of the best there’s. Nor do I endorse all the things, or essentially something, one can find at these websites.

I hope that exploring these websites will provide you with an concept of what CS is, how it’s made and used, and a few of the problems which are being debated amongst totally different distributors and experimentors.

If in case you have extra questions or need assistance getting began, be at liberty to ask for assistance on the silver-listing.

The silver-record is a moderated, non-industrial discussion board for dialogue of Colloidal Silver and associated matters. We keep away from religious and political matters, and keep near our central mission of studying about CS, serving to involved newcomers get began, and supporting our efforts to be healthier.

Thanks for studying this far. I hope to get to know you on the record.

Be nicely,

Mike Devour silver-record proprietor

*** DISCLAIMER: I am not a physician and I do not dispense medical recommendation. Not one of the supplies spoken of or referenced listed below are meant to take the place of the recommendation of a reliable skilled. When you select to experiment with any of the ideas, merchandise, supplies or procedures present in any of the above, you’re solely liable for ascertaining their security and suitability and looking for skilled opinion earlier than proceeding.

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