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Please word (for some unusual purpose that we can not fathom) that many manufactures of ultrasonic nebulizers apparently don’t understand that there isn’t any distinction between nebulizing medicine and colloidal silver. All ultrasonic fashions that we have examined haven’t any downside delivering silver ions and minute silver particles efficiently into the lungs.

Colloidal Gold – Gold Colloid Generators

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How to Make Colloidal Gold

Nebulizing Colloidal Silver

Delivering colloidal silver instantly into the lungs, and thus into the lung tissues and bloodstream, is a extremely efficient method to make use of colloidal silver. By bypassing the digestive system, some imagine that a higher quantity of colloidal silver could be delivered into the physique. Moreover, by utilizing a top quality nebulizer, one may be comparatively sure than solely the smallest particles ( and ions ) attain the lungs. Bigger particles that could be within the preliminary resolution are too heavy to be carried by the high-quality mist a nebulizer generates.

Utilizing an oxygen nebulizer needs to be thought of an experimental protocol. In instances of extreme lung infections, excessive Warning should be employed. In such a case, if the nebulizer is used correctly and the colloidal silver carrying mist reaches the contaminated tissues, the impact might be virtually rapid and fairly dramatic. One ought to notice that there’s an unimaginable distinction in utilizing an oxygen nebulizer with wholesome lungs as in comparison with contaminated lungs. If a person is extremely weak on account of a extreme lung situation to the purpose that respiration is laborious, don’t use a colloidal silver oxygen nebulizer or humidifier with out a completely certified medical workers current ( in actual fact, it’s endorsed to by no means use a humidifier on this case as a result of the quantity and density of the mist is way better than that of a nebulizer ) until there merely is not any different selection. It is feasible that the primary therapy might arrest the respiration of the person being handled.

Ideally, pure oxygen needs to be used with a nebulizer. To ensure that the colloidal silver to be correctly atomized with a stress pushed machine, 20 – 35 psi needs to be employed. With adjustable nebulizer heads ( such because the one in the development tutorial to observe ), one ought to all the time begin out with the best mist attainable. The mist shouldn’t be seen, but a slight moisture must be detectable if one “mists” one’s hand.

The quantity of colloidal silver to make use of on a each day dose foundation is undetermined. Tentatively, one full dose is 1/2 to 1 fluid ounce. Nevertheless, this dose in some instances is unfold all through the day, or may even final a couple of days, relying on the necessity. In different instances, as in lung infections which aren’t extreme but have change into chronic, a dosage philosophy would possibly range. The next examples illustrate completely different concepts:

Remember, colloidal silver nebulizer use is extraordinarily experimental. At all times err on the facet of warning!


Treaments utilizing Nebulizers

Lung infections:




The way in which colloidal silver customers calculate dosage strategies/ranges is sort of diversified, and constructed round a number of central concepts. It must be famous that whereas colloidal silver use is kind of widespread, there are not any standardized formulation resulting from the truth that no conclusive analysis has been performed that demonstrates an excellent ( or efficient ) dose for any situation. Nonetheless, each “dosage philosophy” addresses a number of of the next points:

Now we have discovered by way of our personal private expertise that extraordinarily robust bronchial infections could require utilizing the nebulizer extra usually, as little as each seven to fifteen minutes for 2 to 4 hour durations. In these instances, a dozen breaths or so are taken in per remedy.

Additional Notes on Lung Infections

If the selection is made to deal with lung infections by way of a colloidal silver nebulizer or a humidifier, please consider the next ideas:

With a critical lung infection, utilizing a colloidal silver nebulizer could be fairly painful at first. Since many infections both begin or stay within the far reaches ( backside ) of the lung’s lobes, it may be tough to breath deeply sufficient to ship the colloidal silver to the infection site. Nevertheless, for the remedy to be as profitable as doable, it’s crucial that the wonderful mist attain the precise location of the infection. As in all colloidal silver use, if the colloidal silver shouldn’t be ready to achieve the location of the infection, will probably be largely ineffective.

Situations within the lungs are literally nearer to an exterior setting than an inner one so far as colloidal silver use is anxious. There isn’t a osmotic strain to regulate fluid dynamics; the colloidal silver should meet and penetrate an infection precisely as if it have been utilized to a floor. Broncial infections are level and case to the rules in operation. Laxidazical use of colloidal silver by way of a nebulizer usually ends in little or no change to the situation if the immune system shouldn’t be succesfully responding. The error made in remedy is over-prolonged durations of relaxation between utilization. The bronchial tubes won’t maintain the “coating” of colloidal silver for lengthy, and the silver have to be in direct contact with the infection in enough sufficient focus to be efficient. The focus on this case is almost definitely way more important than when colloidal silver is used internally, as a result of the exterior situation of the lungs should not exactly regulated.

Correct respiration is a superb step towards profitable nebulizer use. Respiration in slowly permits the colloidal silver to coat the lungs with sufficient left over to journey into the deeper reaches of the lungs. Respiratory from the diaphragm permits one to each utterly fill and utterly empty the lungs. This may be uncomfortable when an infection is current, however is very useful. The truth is, apply in respiratory excercises resembling pranayama Could make an enormous distinction in the result of therapy in essentially the most extreme and deep lung infections.

Many occasions, a “new” lung infection will clear up VERY quickly, inside hours, if nebulizer use is begun promptly on the onset of signs and the physique’s immune system response is powerful. Nonetheless, in some conditions one might discover that the immune system is totally unresponsive for any variety of causes. In these circumstances there can be no fever, no lack of appetite, and generally no coughing response.

To a larger or lesser extent, that is the case with long run chronic chest colds, the place the physique’s immune system has de-prioritized its response to the infection. Infections akin to these are usually cyclic, with intervals the place the infection seems to be gone. These infections want a effectively thought out protocol. For the reason that immune system response is both diminished or not current, occasional doses would solely barely impact the infection as a complete. Remember the fact that the colloidal silver will solely impact the infection it reaches. In 4 hours time, it isn’t unreasonable to assume that if the immune system has not responded, the infection could have repopulated. In such a case, the colloidal silver is barely reaching the identical areas over and over. Utilizing a small quantity of colloidal silver each 5 to fifteen minutes to tolerance, then pausing for a number of hours is a advised strategy.

Due to the experimental nature of nebulizer use with colloidal silver, we have no strong substantiated recommendations to strategy this dilemma presently.

After a 12 months of experimenting with numerous remedies to deal with chronic lung infections, we’ve got discovered a therapy that reveals unimaginable promise to be used with colloidal silver – particularly contemplating stubborn lung infections and nebulizer use. Go to our web page on utilizing cayenne pepper with colloidal silver.

Any time the immune system fails to reply in any situation, and colloidal silver is used as the first therapy technique, the colloidal silver should utterly take over the immune system function of “killing” an infection. This normally requires dosage ranges which might be more and more excessive as in comparison with different circumstances, though the best strategy could be to extend the frequency of use, not essentially the quantity of colloidal silver used every time. If such an infection begins to clear by sustained use, the physique’s immune system ought to finally soar-begin. One will discover an aching feeling all through the physique, and maybe begin working a temperature. This can be a certain signal that immune system has reinitiated a powerful response. If the response to the colloidal silver has not been too robust, then one might proceed utilizing it till all signs of the infection subside.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers & Nebulizers

An oxygen nebulizer on the entire has confirmed to be more practical than a daily nebulizer or humidifier. Whether or not that is because of the pure oxygen used, the density of the mist, or the stress by which the colloidal silver is delivered is unknown. An ultrasonic nebulizer is the popular alternate selection ( Omron makes a wonderful mannequin ).

This certainly not is supposed to suggest that a humidifier is just not efficient. The best consideration in utilizing a humidifier versus an oxygen nebulizer is the price of the unit and the price of utilizing the unit. With a humidifier, one doesn’t want to buy oxygen, and the price of a superb ultrasonic humidifier is below thirty dollars.

Some folks consider, nonetheless, that as a result of the mist from a humidifier is so thick, it is best than a nebulizer. Nevertheless, the precise reverse is true. Humidifiers do a really poor job of atomizing the CS. The most effective nebulizers create a “mist” that’s barely seen, which implies that the ‘medicine’ is being utterly atomized.

Tip: See our tutorial on constructing an oxygen nebulizer.

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