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My name is Joshua Gordon, and yes, I am a pastor. But I am also disabled with lots of free time on my hands. I am, of course, like most of you seeking for a way to build over-unity or at least generate a energy source that is self replenishing. I make and use colloidal silver on a regular basis, and have created my personal colloidal silver machine which utilizes a pulse generator (utilizing a 555 chip) to develop nano size silver ions in the water. Since I have this wish to create colloidal silver machines, I am at present hunting into a way to make a single that is “self powered” with no outdoors electrical energy supply. That is what led me into crystal cell battery research, and at some point to the Bedini motor. Ill make my own thread to talk about these experiments, and of course get the thoughts and concepts from you guys!

Face cream. Colloidal silver face cream promotes wonderful skin by repairing damage and preventing infections. Acne treatment. Colloidal silver is an inexpensive, conveniently-applied, and successful remedy for acne. Treatment for scars and stretch marks. Colloidal silver eases away scars and stretch marks, promoting clear, unblemished skin. Treatment for cuts and abrasions. Colloidal silver kills infections prior to they have opportunity to commence. Treatment for poison ivy, and so on. Several have utilised colloidal silver to clear up terrible situations of poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumach. Treating insect bites. Colloidal silver attacks possible infection, killing the bacteria connected with it. Underarm deodorant. Considering that underarm odor is brought on by bacteria, it is believed colloidal silver prevents odor as it kills bacteria.

  • For skin circumstances, two to 5 drops can be applied to the skin
  • Colloidal Silver containing 99.99% pure silver, totally free from heavy metal contamination
  • The Silver Pulser is covered by a 3-year warranty
  • Wound/Skin Care Healing
  • Ania K., Hingham, MA

Colloidal silver for the skin has been lauded as a answer for several distinctive skin problems. It appears to perform for all, healing by killing off bacteria. Colloidal silver for the skin operates as does internal dosages of colloidal silver. Pathogens and other microorganisms on the skin that come in make contact with with the colloidal silver suffocate from lack of oxygen. The colloidal silver dissolves the oxygen metabolizing enzyme found in most primitive organisms, a course of action equivalent to an electrochemical reaction. This uncommon property tends to make colloidal silver able to execute successfully exactly where other antibiotics can not. Bacteria and the other microorganisms on the skin need oxygen to live, grow, and reproduce.

Deprive them of oxygen with colloidal silver and they die. Be certain you obtain only accurate colloidal silver. Accurate colloidal silver consists of the right size particle and a secure components-per-million ratio. Correct colloidal silver has been productive against quite a few bacterial difficulties. Use colloidal silver for the skin sparingly. More is not necessarily much better. Some merchandise have also high a components-per-million ration. Other folks have silver particles that are also substantial. Either can lead to possible difficulty. Caution: A possible undesirable side impact of colloidal silver for the skin is Argyria. In Argyria, silver is deposited in the physique in as well excellent an amount. The deposited silver reacts with the sun by way of a procedure equivalent to that of the improvement of a photographic adverse, turning the skin a bluish-gray colour. This is most probably to take place if your item is not true colloidal silver. About The Author ©2007, M.D. Hamilton Study more about colloidal silver at M.D. Hamilton does not directly or indirectly dispense health-related guidance or assume duty for those who pick out to treat themselves.

This is the wall outlet plug-in variety CS Generator that will run on typical property present (100 to 240 Volts A.C.). The output is 24 Volts DC at about 750 ma. This is a great generator for those who do not like to fool with batteries. Yes it is more pricey than our battery powered (DC-51), but still Much less highly-priced than the majority of AC powered Silver Generators on the industry currently. This AC-52 generator is built with the exact same no-nonsense building as the battery operated DC-51, with the exception that it runs on houshold electrical energy. This unit makes use of the U.S. The 24 Volt output is a tiny reduce than the battery version which utilizes three 9 Volt batteries for a total output of 27 Volts.

However, the benefit of the new AC version is that the output will not diminish more than time as with batteries which should be changed occasionally. The outcome with this generator is a extra consistant and finer excellent colloidal silver. As with our battery operated version, the AC-52 (Fundamental Kit) comes with TWO six Inch .9999 (99.99%) pure silver electrodes, electrode scrub pad, and instruction booklet. It will be pre-tested for voltage output and will be prepared to use out of the box. All you want is pure distilled water. The incorporated instruction booklet includes some standard makes use of for Colloidal Silver as properly as a chart displaying the PPM’S (Parts Per Million) made for chosen times, as well as directions on HOW to use the generator. You could download or view the instruction booklet by clicking on the beneath hyperlink.

Left-Click to view (may perhaps take a couple of moments to open simply because file includes photos), or Right-Click to save to your laptop (more quickly). I do NOT take phone orders. Please use the details offered below to spot your order. Payment is through PayPal only. I do accept checks or dollars orders (U.S. DANIEL COHRAN. See “Get in touch with US” page for further particulars. Right away under are the current shopping for options, same for U.S. AND Canadian residents only. For INTERNATIONAL ORDERS (outdoors the U.S. ALL Costs ARE U.S. Note: If you have to have to buy much more than one particular item, just make multiple purchases. We will ensure that you obtain all of your things.

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