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Silver Nano Colloid Technology from Seo-Kwang utilizes DC electronic voltage on purified water with pure silver in order to generate nano colloid remedy with 99.99% pure nano particles. Primarily based on this technology, Seo-Kwang successfully created a variety of nano silver solutions for customer purposes, like residence-use nano colloid resolution named Silver Remedy Makers, Silver Nano Perfume Ejector, Silver Nano Shower, Silver Nano Active Insole, and Nano Makeup Cosmetics. Colloidal Silver Maker (Model : SJW500A) utilizes purified water and one silver bag can be made use of up to 5 years. Silver Nano Perfume Ejector (Model : SKC-SE 500II) mixes 99.99% pure Nano Silver particles with lavender or lemon fragrance.

It also mixes the water particles with Silver nano ion, which sterilizes and eliminates the air and terrible odors. Silver Nano Perfume Ejector can be applied in different places, including anywhere with undesirable odors, basic hospital, postpartum care center, kindergarten, and other nursery schools. It can even be employed to eradicate odors from paints and other dangerous substances employed in new automobiles and homes. Silver Nano Shower (Model : SKC-1000T) utilizes instant voltage to make electrolysis in order to release Silver nano water particles. Based on Silver Nano Shower, Search engine optimisation-Kwang also developed Silver nano videt, which will be introduced in the near future. Silver Nano Active Insole attributes air-circulation, Silver nano purifier, and silicon cushioning primarily based on ergonomic style to provide better feet blood circulation, do away with feet odor, and decrease sweat.

Nano Makeup Cosmetics including gold nano, platinum nano, pearl nano, and jade nano are created though Original Design and style Manufacturing. Platinum nano functions improved collagen for substantially cleaner, lively skin care, when pearl nano offers superb skin whitening and cleaning to solve several skin troubles and symptoms. It also supports numerous age groups in order to provide higher high quality care and added benefits to all customers. Established in 1995, Search engine optimization-Kwang Co.,Ltd. Korea’s top manufacturer of environmental-friendly, well-becoming solutions based on Nano technology. Search engine optimization-Kwang produces a diverse range of environmental equipment and medical treatment devices, when focusing on establishing innovative, cutting-edge items through continuous R&D activities. For much more information and facts, please pay a visit to

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BHIA), which is a selective fluorophore relative to cadmium cations, is studied by the method of surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS). The SERS spectra of BHIA adsorbed on colloidal silver particles exhibit a higher intensity and temporal stability of the signal. An assignment of the bands present in the studied spectral variety is given. The dependence of the SERS spectra of BHIA on the solution’s pH reveals that the ligand can exist on the surface in protonated and deprotonated forms. The addition of the salt of halide ions to the answer has a substantial influence on the SERS spectrum. This impact is due to the displacement of the adsorbate molecules from the first monolayer, which is accompanied by the transition of BHIA from the chemi- to the physisorbed kind. E.V. Solovyeva, D.A. Khaziyeva, L.A. Myund, A.S. Denisova, 2017, published in Optika i Spektroskopiya, 2017, Vol.

The ASAP Colloidal Silver Option is the only patented colloidal silver on the industry. The explanation for this is that it has been verified to be such an successful colloidal silver answer that it reaches far beyond any previous colloidal silver solutions. ASAP Colloidal Silver Remedy was authorized for patent by the United States Patent Agency. In current tests performed by Brigham Young University Microbiology Laboratory, the ASAP Colloidal Silver Solution has been shown to have a greater have an effect on on the immune program than other colloidal silver goods. In fact, ASAP Solution Colloidal Silver has established so productive that it killed 536 of 540 pathogenic bacteria in 5 minutes or less. In addition, ASAP Remedy Colloidal Silver kills germs of all kinds: bacteria, viruses, microbes, yeast, molds, spores, and other pathogens that can lead to significant illness and illness.

What is SilverSol Technologies? American Biotech Labs’ new SilverSol Technologies&reg is one of a kind in the world of silver products. What most people do not understand is that there are distinct types of silver. The merchandise we make at ABL are not colloidal or ionic silver. Colloidal silvers include ionic silver particles and often other components like proteins, salts, or citrates in order to aid hold the ionic particles suspended in the water longer. Our solutions use the patented SilverSol Technology&reg that nonetheless consists of only silver and water, yet is very unique structurally than a colloidal silver. The actual scientific term for our product is a silver sol.

What we have is metallic silver particles that are actually portion of the structure of the water, not just temporarily suspended in it like a colloidal silver. Unlike colloidal or ionic silver, SilverSol&reg particles are not metabolized by the physique, which means they are non-toxic and will not make up in your program. SilverSol&reg also has mulitple modes of action which are catalytic in nature, and will function the whole time they are in your method. Colloidal and ionic silver’s are limited to one mode of action, and are rapidly neutralized in the body, limiting their effectivity. These variations make SilverSol Technologies&reg substantially far more effective, steady, and safe than a colloidal or ionic silver solution.

We never know that ASAP Answer Colloidal Silver is the silver bullet. It is strong adequate to kill the deadly Anthrax spore. Yet, it is so safe and non-toxic that it can be employed in a newborn baby’s eyes moments just after birth as an anti-bacterial to kill pathogens introduced throughout birth. Colloidal Silver is utilised to treat Malaria, Tuberculosis, Gonhorrea, fungal skin infections, vaginal infections, urinary tract infections, Tonsilitis, Pharingitis, Conjunctivitis (pink eye), upper respiratory tract infections, nasal and sinus challenges in Ghana, W. Africa. There are so many helpful uses and applications of this Colloidal Silver that it is not possible to describe them all. Use your imagination to determine what other utilizes exist for this product. In order to insure not only the very best colloidal silver item, but also a secure solution the company hired NAMSA, an independent laboratory, to do a toxicology study on the ASAP Solution.

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