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Our beauty of this week is Emily Rogawski. Chelsea fan Emily Rogawski was a social media sensation soon after wearing her Chelsea jacket to Everton vs Manchester United week 14 Premier League game. Emily Rogawski was the toast of social media on Sunday when she stood out in the crowd at Goodison Park by wearing a white Chelsea jacket as Everton drew with Manchester United. The Liverpool-primarily based student was criticised by some fans questioning her fan credibility, other folks asked if she was lost and some remarked at her appearance – whilst lots of have been impressed. The football-mad New Yorker explained to MirrorSport her selection of wardrobe and talks about her appreciate of the round ball game. Being a passionate football fan from New York studying in Liverpool, weekends like these are a dream come accurate. I couldn’t contain my excitement as I traveled to Manchester to cheer on my beloved Chelsea.

The atmosphere was electric as Chelsea put on an impressive overall performance to safe a three-1 win. We had been on best of the table, and I felt on top rated of the globe being aware of that the subsequent day I had one more match to attend. This time at Goodison Park. I could not pass up seeing the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba, and a couple of former Chelsea guys like Juan Mata, Romelu Lukaku and even Jose Mourinho himself! In particular for only £15! I place on my only winter jacket, and proudly wore the Chelsea badge. When I arrived a lot of folks gave me funny looks and asked if I was lost.

I explained that I was right here to watch a wonderful football match, and also hoping that a single of my idols, Bastian Schweinsteiger, would at least be on the bench. I picked up my ticket from the StubHub collection and rushed straight to my seat. The Everton fans had been so good and could inform that I was a correct fan of football right here to take pleasure in the game. A beautiful small girl even gave me her Everton mint! With each other we watched the final minutes of the Liverpool-Bournemouth game and celebrated the terrific outcome. When the match lastly began, I was hypnotised. I like getting so close to the action and at eye level studying the game.

It might not have been the most fascinating match, but I took in each amazing second. I never ever expected to get such a powerful reaction being spotted on Television with my Chelsea jacket. I wore Chelsea gear and a ‘Drogba’ hat as I sat amongst Arsenal fans in January, and even right after our win an Arsenal fan grabbed my face to attempt and kiss me whilst a further gave me the finger! A lot of persons had been quite supportive of my passion for the game, and I didn’t pay attention to any negativity. She was also in a position to cheer on Everton’s former Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku. Regrettably some articles had been classless and irrelevant in their content material, but at the finish of the day I hope men and women can understand and respect my enjoy for the stunning game. I appear forward to continuing to go to as a lot of football matches as I can. For showing so significantly enjoy for the game, Emily Rogawski is our beauty for the week.

I do not set out to be provocative, but if you’ve got robust opinions about stuff, then they necessarily will be provocative. So recently I wrote a piece about Nani, about how I’d under no circumstances vote for him to be player of the year, and why. Now I didn’t write that to win up United fans, I genuinely felt it , but as it takes place, I was conscious that it would wind up United fans. But the worse choice would be to shy away from something because it is provocative. Has that changed from going to The Mirror from The Occasions and being in a much more tabloid setting?

I suppose it has. I loved every single moment of my time there (at The Instances) but I in no way definitely had that outlet there, I never had a column, an opinion piece as such. And I did much more reportage, reporting from events, which I nonetheless do now, but I didn’t have a sports column which I seriously enjoy obtaining at the Mirror. So I suppose it’s been a adjust in as substantially as it’s one thing I didn’t do just before. The point I enjoyed performing with the Rio piece was that I thought it was a reasonable piece and that sometimes it’s nice to talk about issues that the fans don’t see. That’s what I found strange about the entire affair. If he was going to write that DM, what was he concerned about?

Why didn’t he just tweet it? And definitely the entire exchange in the mixed zone, clearly there had been 100s of journalists there, so everybody was aware of that and other individuals had been tweeting about that just before I did. How does neutrality as a journalist match alongside growing up as a football fan? Does getting a Stockport fan tends to make that aspect a bit much easier? When I was increasing up I’d watch Stockport on a Friday night and either City or United on a Saturday. When I was in my teens I went via spells of watching City or United more. I watched a lot of United, each household and away. I consider journalists differ, and it is incorrect for me to generalise and some still really feel an allegiance to a club as fiercely as they ever did.

But possibly it is simply because I did have those divided loyalties (amongst City, Utd and Stockport), but I found relatively speedily when functioning as a sports journalist that it type of diluted my allegiances. I started not to care irrespective of whether City or United won or not and began to see the story seriously, and believe about the match as part of a story, and what the angle to take. I started to appear at games professionally rather than personally I guess. And maybe that is a fault, I don’t know. I feel much more dispassionately about watching games now, but I think you have to be dispassionate up to a point. I still think that most reporters are, but each and every fan thinks that you are against their club, and I recognize that simply because you don’t really feel the exact same passion for that club that a fan of that club feels.

So if we’re sitting in the press box at OT, and somebody shouts “Are you going to create something nice about us this week? And but fan of person clubs really feel persecuted by everybody. And often rightly so, some of the therapy Man United have had not too long ago has been ugly, the warning to Fergie of praising Howard Webb for example was incredibly harsh. So I can see there are individual instances exactly where clubs are victimised but I don’t consider reporters for national newspapers are biased. But you are ideal, it was simpler for me, getting a Stockport fan has meant I’ve in no way had to report on them, I’ve written pieces on them when they’ve been in economic difficulty, but never ever had to report on them. But even journalists I know who are Arsenal or West Ham fans, when they report on them, I don’t believe it impacts their match report.

You mention getting a Stockport fan, what have you produced of their recent issues? I felt more deeply in touch with it the season just before when we were threatened with extinction just after getting in receivership for 18 months. And I felt exceptionally deeply about that, as every fan would, it’s every single fans worst nightmare really. The football match I enjoyed most last season, out of all the things I covered both professionally and personally was Port Vale Vs Stockport. That was the a single that I got the most enjoyment out of. I took my small boy who’s 3, he didn’t watch the game but he just pottered about the away finish.

For Stockport if we’d lost we could have gone down that day. But Port Vale had been pressing for the playoffs so we expected to shed. We won two-1, the winner was at our end. It was just brilliant. Nothing you do professionally compares to that feeling of becoming a fan, it was just brilliant, definitely brilliant. As a fan of a reduce league club, what do you make of the recent reduce in funding for Supporters Direct? I’m a huge fan of what David Conn does at the Guardian, and I’ve study all the stuff he’s written about it. And once more as a fan of a reduced league club I’m aware of the stuff that work that Supporters Direct have accomplished.

I saw what Dan Johnson from the Premier League stated, how they never ever got any credit for the dollars they put into them, and he’s suitable, they do deserve credit for that, but equally I uncover it a bizarre choice. At worst those tweets that Dave Boyle sent had been ill-regarded, but I wouldn’t even say they were sacking offenses, let alone a explanation to reduce off the funding. Do you really feel you can use your column to write about that side of the game? To a point I do. To be fair to the Mirror, if I’d wanted to create about that in my column I could have carried out, but I type of believed that the Villa story (his column that day) was additional fascinating and mainstream. What about all the current shenanigans at FIFA?

Do you want you’d carried out and said a lot more, earlier? The Sun did a back web page absolutely slaughtering it. Is there some stuff then that you wouldn’t write about (at risk of causing some sort of harm)? I uncover it uncomfortable to be overly crucial of an England group going into a important tournament, and I assume that is almost certainly incorrect and probably a weakness in me. Someone like Steve Howard in The Sun, I consider has named factors very effectively lately, and wrote off our chances of succeeding pre-Planet Cup and got it appropriate. I consider from time to time I feel, wrongly, wanting to give them the advantage of the doubt, and I end up attempting to persuade myself that we have got a possibility.

I mean, you appear at our person players and you feel Ashley Cole, may perhaps be the finest LB in the world, John Terry and Rio are each excellent centre halves. Clearly you have got a really like of other sports, will you fill your summer time with those or will you nevertheless be on football duty? When you work for an English tabloid it’s type of tricky in the course of the season to appear at anything else. I really like football so that is hardly a chore. But you know, I spent three weeks in Australia watching the Ashes, in terms of perform trips that has been my favourite. I appreciate covering football but I like writing about and covering boxing so I’m going out to David Haye’s fight in Hamburg.

For the below 21s we’ve got an individual there and most paper’s view is that it is a one particular man job and almost certainly we’d send an individual else out if England got to the final. But you know Wimbledon begins next week and I’d rather be at Wimbledon than at the beneath 21s. Football has come to be a thing larger. As soon as the season ends you get this mania with transfers and rumours and the managerial merry-go round. Oneself and Barry Glendenning have been talking lately about the hoop-la that surrounds football, what role you think yourself, the press as a whole plays in perpetuating that? I assume it’s self-perpetuating to be truthful. I don’t actively set-out to big up the Premier League, from time to time the opposite, I sometimes feel that I’m occasionally negatively about it as an entity.

Occasionally I feel that the Premier League with its funds ought to do additional to support the reduce league. So I don’t set out to massive it up, but I guess as a outcome of writing so considerably about it that might go some way to perpetuating it, so it’s not some thing I actively assume about bigging it up. I think I write far more about the sport rather than what goes on about it. But I guess the media as a whole is responsible for this but footballers have become you know the equivalent of pop-stars and movie-stars, they’re a-listers now and we cannot get away from that.

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And I guess that is largely to do with Sky and the cash that they have pumped into football and the knock on effect on the wealth that has been lavished onto footballers that has turned them into these celebrity beings. What’s been your favourite moment watching football as a journalist? I’d have to say 2. The 1999 champions league final- United Vs Bayern, just for that finish. And, it sounds slightly clear but the 2005 final, Liverpool in Istanbul. These were each remarkable items to cover, incredible emotional nights. Two great nights professionally with just fantastic scenes, and seeing each clubs succeeding in extremely dramatic circumstances.

So yeah, I’d have to go for these two. As someone who travels to watch football, exactly where are your favourite areas in the UK to watch football, and where would you advocate for a European Football Weekend? I love watching Arsenal playing football, and as a club but I like the older grounds. I like Villa Park, Goodison, I like Old Trafford. But I suppose the most effective atmosphere I’ve been at in recent years was at the Liverpool/Chelsea Champions League semi final second leg in 2005, the ‘ghost-goal’ game. That evening was the best atmosphere I’ve ever noticed. So I suppose for your query, Anfield on a massive evening game is pretty really hard to beat.

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